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    Recap: The Legend of Korra S03E12 – Enter the Void

    Part one of the season finale is here, and it will kick your ass with some awesome action scenes, dramatic moments, and shocking reveals, the end is almost here and you don’t want to miss it.

    Recap: The Legend of Korra S03E11 – ‘The Ultimatum’

    The Ultimatum continues to raise the tension as the season finale dawns upon us. What is Zaheer planning to do with the airbenders? But most importantly what is he planning to do with Korra?
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    Joel from Wretched Talks Extreme Metal

    Bam Bam got a chance to talk to Joel from Wretched after seeing their brutal set for the first time. Joel talks about how the band hates genre labels and internet trolls.
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    Ryan from Miss May I Talks about Touring Heavy

    Ryan from Miss May I spoke with us at The Mayhem Fest. He talked about the transition from Warped Tour to the much heavier, Mayhem Festival. He also talked about future plans, and as many in the 103 degree weather, the heat.
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Recap: Z Nation S01E01 – Puppies and Kittens

Z Nation is bad by any A-list art standard, but by the B movie watching mindset this show is comedy (action?) gold.

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Dinner & A Movie: ‘Tombstone’ with Wedding Feast

Serving up recipes and reels each week Tombstone is one of those rare films that doesn’t lose its enjoyability as you become more familiar with it. The characters are rich, multifaceted and memorable. The plot provides pl...

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Pink’s Foray Into Folk with Dallas Green as You+Me

“Pink” as Alecia Moore?   Pink, no Alecia Moore, has done it once more after allegedly tricking Nate Ruess, front man of Fun into creating and recording the 2014 Grammy’s “Song Of The Year”,  “Jus...


Stealing Your Poetry – U2 Drops Their Thirteenth Studio Album At A Moment’s Notice

Songs of Innocence finds U2 between their punk roots and their signature sound {Music Review} Recap: In a small kitchen located on the north side of Dublin some thirty-seven years ago, four wannabe punk teenage boys found thems...

Before the Blood promo image

Recap: Extant S01E12 – Before the Blood

Strong performances lift the show as the plot grows closer to a pivotal moment that you should definitely be watching.

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The Drop: An Amstel Eastern [MOVIE REVIEW]

The Drop Review Italian filmmakers created the genre of the Spaghetti Western. That makes The Drop an Amstel Eastern. The cast and crew of this New Jersey mob movie hail from the mean streets of Belgium, the land of waffles, ch...

Southern Bastards 004 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Southern Bastards #4 Recap and Review

A must have for your pull list.


Death of Wolverine #2 Recap and Review

Death of Wolverine is an exciting and interesting read, you don’t have to be current on Logan’s story to jump right in on the first issue. It’s going to be an enjoyable story to follow, I just hope things start to pick up...

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A Reflection on the Comedy Known as Gran Torino

Gran Torino: The Funniest Movie I’ve Ever Seen The funniest movie I’ve ever seen has got to be Warner Brothers 2008 release of Gran Torino starring Clint Eastwood (Paint Your Wagon). Eastwood plays a man with a kick...


Avenue of the Giants Deliver Huge Sound with ‘Just Between Us’ [MUSIC REVIEW]

Avenue of the Giants Just Between Us Review Anyone that reads this page or knows me in real life can attest to the fact that I am a Rehab fan. No, I am not talking about an institution that helps people control their addictions...

Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy

Recap: Sons of Anarchy S07E01 – Black Widower

The first episode of the final ride was awesome. We love how the episode picked up right where season 6 ended. Not having a slow build up was great, but then again did we really think there would be? It's the final season of So...

Boardwalk Empire Season 5 poster

Recap: Boardwalk Empire S05E01 – Golden Days for Boys and Girls

The story is sputtering to the finish line, but fans of 'Boardwalk' and the series should hang in there and hope for the best.


Recap: Extant S01E11 – A New World

Development for the plot progresses well in 'A New World' and the hijinks from the past two weeks seem to be a bare minimum now, which is good for Molly's viewers.

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Dinner & a Movie: ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ with Louisiana-style Seafood Boil

Serving up Recipes and Reels Each Week   Beasts of the Southern Wild is narrated by Hushpuppy, an indomitable six-year-old girl with a piercing shriek of a battle cry. Hushpuppy not only narrates, but the reality of the fi...

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Remembering Joan Rivers: A Pioneer of Comedy, Television, and Stage

Can We Talk? She had a career that spanned six decades. She was a pioneer in the fields of comedy, television, and stage. She was a mainstay of talk shows, award ceremonies’ red carpets, television, and film. She often made j...


‘The Identical’ Tells Familiar Story [MOVIE REVIEW]

The Identical Review What if Elvis’ twin brother wasn’t stillborn? Instead, what if he was adopted by another family? What if he spent his life idolizing his twin brother as a fan, finding inspiration in his brother...