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Rancid ‘Honors’ their Radical Roots [MUSIC REVIEW]

Rancid Honor is all we Know Review Rancid, typically, makes two kinds of...

‘Hello Gangster’ Keeps it G [MOVIE REVIEW]

Hello Gangster Review First off, let me just start by saying, I love my dog....

Harley Quinn #11 Recap and Review

Have you ever wanted Harley Quinn and Power Girl in the same comic? Well, who cares what you want! You’re gonna get it and you’re gonna like it.

Catwoman #35 Recap and Review

Selina Kyle has left her life as the Catwoman behind and has taken up role as one of Gotham’s crime bosses, it’s a fresh new take on Selina, but it doesn’t quite execute as well as it should.

Deathstroke #1 Recap and Review

If you just like good artwork you’ll love this book, but if you like a good story, sadly this isn’t the place to look.

Recap: Boardwalk Empire Series Finale – S05E08 Eldorado

What went down in that Boardwalk Empire finale? Nucky’s long journey came to a grim end, but was it what we were expecting? Find out in the recap from Joel Colquitt.

50 Awesome Facts About The Upcoming Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo Releases Huge Info Dump On Super Smash Bros.

Birdman Soars [MOVIE REVIEW]

If you are expecting a straight forward comedy or action film, Birdman will disappoint. However, if you like to push mental boundaries…

Harvest Music Festival Grows Beautiful Life [FESTIVAL REVIEW]

Harvest Music Festival Review We are a rag-tag crew. On Sunday morning, the...

23 Blast Pulls the ol’ Bait and Switch [MOVIE REVIEW]

23 Blast Review Close your eyes and imagine that darkness is all you can...

Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Out Early

Thank you based Hydra.

Christian Bale To Join Aaron Sorkin, Danny Boyle In Steve Jobs Biopic

Watch Out Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs, Here Comes Christian Bale’s Steve Jobs

Recap: American Horror Story Freak Show S04E03 – Edward Mordrake: Part One

Edward Mordrake:  Part One Last week there was so much that happened that...

Recap: The Legend of Korra S04E03 – The Coronation

Book 4 episode 3 ‘The Coronation’, get ready to see Toph and Kuvira both be complete bad asses.

Recap: Gotham S01E05 – Viper

‘Viper’, while not the greatest episode so far, Gotham continues to be a great show, and you will enjoy watching Bruce Wayne in this week’s episode.

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Netflix Original: Day 1 with ‘Knights of Sidonia’ [REVIEW]

Once again a mysterious young man pilots a giant mecha against giant aliens. Attack on Titan in SPAAAAACE! Also, bear den mothers with cyborg hands and third-sexuals that can change gender to suit their mates. Kiii-yah!

The Deep Dark Depths of Netflix: Rubber

In the Steven Spielberg movie E.T., why is the alien brown?...

The deep, dark depths of netflix: “Tales of an Ancient Empire”

Tales of an Ancient Empire is no bueno I oftentimes walk the metaphorical...

Dinner & a Movie: ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ with Louisiana-style Seafood Boil

Serving up Recipes and Reels Each Week   Beasts of the Southern Wild is...

Dinner & a Movie: ‘Grey Gardens’ and Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

Serving up Recipes and Reels Each Week The stars of Grey Gardens, Little...

Dinner & a Movie: ‘Raising Arizona’ and More Pulled Pork Than You Can Handle

Serving up Recipes and Reels Each Week Raising Arizona follows an unlikely...

Sunday Night Fights: Jules Winnfield vs. Django

In this week’s rendition of SFN’s Sunday Night Fights, the bout will...

SNF: Mario Bros. Vs. Sonic and Tails

SNF Video Game Doubles Match Up: Mario and Luigi Vs. Sonic and Tails Two...

SNF: Captain Kirk Vs Han Solo

SNF Presents A Tale Of Two Captains: Han Solo Vs. James T. Kirk Welcome to...

TBT: Tremors – 24 Years Later and Graboids Still Rule

Throwback Thursday: Tremors Movie Review If I could count the times, on one...

Throwback Thursday: Return of the Fly — Bono’s Alter Egos

Dallas’ Own WOWU2 Bring Ireland’s Rock Heroes Home To Dallas at...

Throwback Thursday: Iconic — Remembering Michael Jackson Five Years Later

  Five Years after His Death, the King of Pop Still Reigns! I wrote...