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Dinner & a Movie: ‘Raising Arizona’ and More Pulled Pork Than You Can Handle

Serving up Recipes and Reels Each Week Raising Arizona follows an unlikely couple – jailbird H.I. McDunnough (Nicolas Cage) and police officer Edwina, called “Ed” (Holly Hunter), who are crushed when they find out they ca...

All-New Ghost Rider (2014-) 006-000

Ghost Rider #6 Recap and Review

Ghost Rider doesn't have a lot of depth yet, but it's definitely an enjoyable read.

The Wicked + The Divine 003 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 006

The Wicked + the Divine Recap and Review

The Wicked + the Divine is a fantastic execution of a rather interesting idea, with great art and clever writing each issue is a delight.


Not so Sure About Sinead’s New Venture

Sinead O’Connor: I’m not Bossy, I’m the Boss {Music Review} I was excited to see Sinead O’Connor’s new album in the lineup this week. I chose to review her new record I’m not Bossy, I’m...


‘The One I Love’ is One we Love [MOVIE REVIEW]

The One I Love Review Indie film guru, Mark Duplass, has really found a niche for himself. Not in mumblecore, of course, because he despises the term, but in something altogether different. With the success of Safety not Guaran...

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‘If I Stay’ Questions: Is Love a Dying Art? [Movie Review]

If I Stay Review When starlet Anne Baxter preyed on aging stage legend Bette Davis in All About Eve, did anyone figure that paradigm would eventually shift to middle school? Every two years, we chop down the last teen star so a...

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Recap: Extant S01E07-8 – ‘More in Heaven and Earth,’ ‘Incursion’

Shaky as always, Extant is drawing close to its conclusion next week. Stay tuned at this point, because the highs can be pretty high and can even make up for those lows.


Recap: The Legend of Korra S03E06 – ‘Old Wounds’

While for the most part ‘Old Wounds’ is an amazing episode it stumbles at the finish line, when it resolves the tension between Lin and Su. Either way, this episode is a great watch, with lots of action and drama, and you w...

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Recap: The Legend of Korra S03E10 – ‘Long Live The Queen’

‘Long Live The Queen’ will be a rememberable episode if not just for it’s shocking moment, even though, this episode was great throughout and one of the best of the series so far.


Recap: The Legend of Korra S03E09 – ‘The Stakeout’

For the first online only episode, Team Avatar tracks down the traitor Aiwei and learn what Zaheer’s plans are for Korra.

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Recap: Extant S01E06 – ‘Nightmares’

Extant moves into the second half of the season with its strongest showing yet, a reminder of what this Sci-Fi project can really accomplish.


Godzilla: Cataclysm #1 Recap and Review

While it isn't exactly Shakespearean writing, Godzilla: Cataclysm #1 is a satisfying start to what could be a fantastic addition to the Godzilla mythos.

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Fozzy-the-band Drops: ‘Do You Wanna Start a War’

Fozzy Do You Wanna Start a Riot {Music Review} Waka Waka, folks! I want to tell you about Fozzy-the-band and their new album “Do You Wanna Start a War.” Ooo. War. Yeah, that’s heavy stuff. But first, a joke: What’s the ...

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‘The Giver’ Brings New Life to a Classic [MOVIE REVIEW]

Jeff Bridges’ Passion Produces a Modern Film Adaptation of The Giver For almost twenty years Jeff Bridges has owned the film rights to The Giver, always dreaming of bringing the classic novel that influenced so many reade...

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Dinner & a Movie: ‘Dead Poets Society’ with Goat Cheese & Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Serving up Recipes and Reels Each Week The first time I saw Dead Poets Society, I was in seventh grade and it was the end-of-year film in English class. We paused when class let out at an hour and 40 minutes, and I was bawling....

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Rockstars and Mayhem — All in a days work

And you thought your job was cool – SFN’s Guthrie Lowe takes us through a journalist’s day at The Rockstar Mayhem Festival The line of human bodies stretched into a heat-induced blur, snaking away from the e...