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    Recap: The Legend of Korra S03E12 – Enter the Void

    Part one of the season finale is here, and it will kick your ass with some awesome action scenes, dramatic moments, and shocking reveals, the end is almost here and you don’t want to miss it.

    Recap: The Legend of Korra S03E11 – ‘The Ultimatum’

    The Ultimatum continues to raise the tension as the season finale dawns upon us. What is Zaheer planning to do with the airbenders? But most importantly what is he planning to do with Korra?
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    Joel from Wretched Talks Extreme Metal

    Bam Bam got a chance to talk to Joel from Wretched after seeing their brutal set for the first time. Joel talks about how the band hates genre labels and internet trolls.
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    Ryan from Miss May I Talks about Touring Heavy

    Ryan from Miss May I spoke with us at The Mayhem Fest. He talked about the transition from Warped Tour to the much heavier, Mayhem Festival. He also talked about future plans, and as many in the 103 degree weather, the heat.
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SFN Live At Oaktopia

Streaming starts at 7:00 PM CST Can’t make it to Oaktopia this year? Don’t worry – we’ll be streaming all the awesomeness live to you through the internets. Sit back, enjoy and let us know who favorite a...


The Skeleton Twins: Tragicomedy is Tragi-Funny [MOVIE REVIEW]

The Skeleton Twins Review The Skeleton Twins is a tragicomedy that is actually tragi-funny. Although co-written and directed by Craig Johnson, there is the clear influence of the producers Jay and Mark Duplass (Cyrus, Jeff, Who...

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Throwback Thursday: Toto’s ‘Africa’ Makes Everything Better

Who Blessed the Rains Down in Africa? Toto Did! Every time I bring up this song (that I have developed an unhealthy obsession with) nobody seems to know what it is. Then I force feed them the audio, and everyone is dancing! You...


The Mind of Rob Sonic [INTERVIEW]

Eddie Malfunction recently had the chance to sit down with hip hop artist, Rob Sonic, to talk about working with Aesop Rock and DJ Abilities, Oaktopia, and Rob’s career in indie hip hop.  Hi Rob, we appreciate you taking...

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The Maze Runner Runs the Most Predictable Maze Ever [MOVIE REVIEW]

The Maze Runner Review Young adult fiction is all the rage these days. After the success of Twilight and The Hunger Games, studios started clamoring for the next big thing. What is that next big thing? Percy Jackson? No. Ender...


‘Tusk’ is Delightfully Strange [MOVIE REVIEW]

Tusk Movie Review Kevin Smith is a personal hero of mine. He takes risks, he never tells the same story twice and he plays by his own terms. In recent years, he has stepped away from the New Jersey comedies  with films like Re...

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4 reasons why Late Night TV is making a comeback

With cable late night TV, network late night and personalities so talented it's hard to disregard the current crop of Talk TV shows invading our set-top boxes

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This Is Where I Leave You Leaves Us Smiling [MOVIE REVIEW]

This Is Where I Leave You Review When I saw that a movie was coming out with Tina fey, Jason Bateman, Adam Driver, Rose Byrne and Corey Stoll, I was sold. I didn’t even need to watch a trailer. To my delight, the trailer ...


5 Horror Shows that Need to be Brought back from the Dead [LIST]

5. The River (2012) This short lived 8 episode series by ABC was definitely lacking in the popularity department, hence the brief life it was given, but there were certainly aspects of this show that give it reason to be resurr...


Sword Art Online: The (Filler Episode) Movie Review

For the majority of decent human beings, anime fanatics and fans of art in general, Sword Art Online: Extra Edition isn't worth the time it took to make it. On the other hand, if you eat SAO up, you'll probably watch it anyway....

Book 4

Ten Predictions for Legend of Korra Book 4

With the announcement of the finale Book 4 of Legend of Korra titled Balance to premier on October 3 2014, I thought it would be a nice time to get in some predictions for the finale chapter of this beloved series.

Fallen Sons

Sons of Anarchy: Patch Murders

Top Five List of Fallen Sons of Anarchy 5. Clay Morrow   How many bad things can you do before the truth comes out? Selfishness and deception were behind the majority of Clay’s decisions. Clay called the hit on Opie, whi...


Copperhead #1 Recap and Review

Copperhead is another promising title from Image comics, Jay and Scott have created a beautiful and interesting world that I can’t wait to discover more about. It’s Sci-Fi Western at its best, and it looks like the beginnin...

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Recap: Z Nation S01E01 – Puppies and Kittens

Z Nation is bad by any A-list art standard, but by the B movie watching mindset this show is comedy (action?) gold.

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Dinner & A Movie: ‘Tombstone’ with Wedding Feast

Serving up recipes and reels each week Tombstone is one of those rare films that doesn’t lose its enjoyability as you become more familiar with it. The characters are rich, multifaceted and memorable. The plot provides pl...

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Pink’s Foray Into Folk with Dallas Green as You+Me

“Pink” as Alecia Moore?   Pink, no Alecia Moore, has done it once more after allegedly tricking Nate Ruess, front man of Fun into creating and recording the 2014 Grammy’s “Song Of The Year”,  “Jus...