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’18 Again’ Doesn’t Get Old [THROWBACK THURSDAY]

’18 Again’ Doesn’t Get Old [THROWBACK THURSDAY]

Image courtesy of New World Entertainment Films

The writers at are not depressed. The people at rotten tomatoes must poop sunshine and rainbows. They must be happy folk who don’t wish they could go back in time and relive their youth. How could they give “18 Again” 5.6 out of 10 stars and only 29% unsquashed tomato! How could they do that to sweet suave George Burns? (In fact lets take a few elipses in honor of the late awesome super sweet Burns) … … … … … … … … … ..

Hollywood has milked the body swap formula many times. It’s even used the “Freaky Friday” title three times, with Jodie Foster being in the first in 1976. Growing up watching movies I favored “Vice Versa”. Fred Savage, Wonder Years, The Wizard… there’s a scene with a secret spy pen that malfunctions. It’s the best. But it doesn’t temporarily cure depression like “18 Again” does.

“18 Again” gives the legendary George Burns a chance to go into his grandson’s body and live out a few college days turning his weakly grandson into a winner. And Pauly Shore is in it. Not super obnoxious Pauly Shore but young MTV VJ hair Pauly Shore. He’s the youngin’s Best friend. –winning-

Once the switch happens 18 Again doesn’t waste time being awesome. You get to hear George Burns voice as the thoughts (in a Look Who’s Talking style) as he adapts to the youngin’s body and college routine. One scene he explains to his art teacher why he painted a bigger bush on his nude model drawing. …There are no bush explanations in “Vice Versa” or two out of three of the “Freaky Friday” movies.

You want uncomfortable jokes to make you feel better? It’s got them!

Imagine Burns inside the youngins body talking to his gold-digging girlfriend and asking her “Do you know what it’s like to be inside another body?” … And the girlfriend thinks the youngin is talking bout Doin it. … And she then asked, “Do you?” … And clever Burns says, “I’m beginning to find out.” You don’t get the joke when you are eight. You don’t get depressed when you are eight either. That’s why “18 Again” is the perfect temporary cure for depression.

You get inspired watching the youngin wearin an old timey suit displaying a new array of confidence as he convinces the cool frat kids to throw a “1929 Lives Again” themed party. If 1929 can live again so can your happiness.


Image courtesy of New World Entertainment Films

He found the boner, that’s for sure.

At the end, after the switch back takes place you’ll feel like a winner watching the actual youngin beat the Johnny track all-star villain in a fancy important race …(even after the villain cried at the party proclaiming ,”let’s see how hot he looks when he’s choking on my dust!”)…if that can happen…you too have a chance to be happy again. Give “18 Again” a whirl. It’s PG. Its cute for the whole fam…especially old grandma or grandpa. Love ya George Burns R.I.P.

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  • Matthew Gordon

    Spot on review! Watched this movie all the time when I was growing up