Top 5 Unintentionally Funny Moments In Serious Movies

Comedies are notorious for having serious moments in them to bring the characters, and the audience, back down to earth and see the reality of the situation they’re in.  Serious movies, mainly action movies, often have a moment or two of humor in order to relieve the seriousness of what’s being seen.  The two genres are often mixed and comedy action movies like ‘Cop Out’ are made.  Comedy relief has been put into every kind of movie you could think of, sometimes with positive results.

Then there are some movies that have scenes or moments that, for whatever reason, turn out to be pretty funny even though they weren’t meant to be.  Who knows why this happens – comedy is subjective and not everybody thinks the same thing is funny.  I find humor in awkward situations.  The following is a list of scenes or moments in movies that I thought were pretty funny, even though they weren’t made to be.

5. “The Last Stand”

This is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to a lead role since his stint as Governor of California. Before that it was just bit parts and walk-on roles, or even a digital appearance like in “Terminator: Salvation.”  I watched this movie recently through Netflix. Being an old-school Schwarzenegger movie fan, I was a little wary of a 65 year old, former Mr. Universe, returning to the screen after many years of absence and no practice.

The movie takes place in a small Texas town near the border of Mexico.  The cartel has someone inside the United States who is driving a souped-up Corvette ZR1 at incredible speeds through Texas and right through Arnold’s town.   I was actually about to start ripping into the fact that the driver of this awesome car shifted twice even though he was going over 100mph.  But, apparently, the ZR1 has pretty long gears and can be at speeds of 60mph before leaving first gear.  I was unaware of that.

Now, on to the part I laughed at.  Arnold plays the local sheriff. At the beginning of the movie, he is walking through his town and taking it all in.  He winds up in the local diner to sip some local coffee.  It looks pretty good because he sort of smiles (it’s hard to tell through plastic surgery and years of abuse with the violent movies he used to make) and turns around to survey his people, all three or four of them, and take in life in a small town.

Then he makes one of the most epically awkward faces I think I have ever seen

Yes, that’s the face I make when I sip some coffee and look around at the people I protect.  But, more realistically, that’s the face I make when I’m trying really hard not to shit my pants.  You may be thinking to yourself, “Maybe he’s just happy to be there and he stops smiling when he turns around/back around.”  No, he doesn’t.  That’s the look on his face the whole time he’s awkwardly gazing around and even when he turns his attention back to his coffee.  I think it’s permanent.

4. “The Dark Knight Rises”

I am one of those fanboys who thought these movies were utterly epic.  I even thought Christian Bale’s Batman voice was good, seeing as how there was no other voice he could’ve used to disguise the fact that he was the world’s richest person.  Every character in these movies was incredibly well done and every scene was impossible to beat, let alone match.

I will ignore, for this article, the Batman equivalent of “WHARRGRRRRBLE!”  that we all witnessed during the Joker interrogation scene in “The Dark Knight” and the equivalent scene near the end of “The Dark Knight Rises.”  Instead, I will be focusing on this scene near the end. The part I thought was funny starts about a minute into this clip.

No, go ahead, it’s good.  Slamming around a four megaton neutron bomb like it was a wrecking ball is perfectly safe.  I can understand it falling on the ground when he lifts it out of the truck, because it’s probably heavy, but then it hits the ground again, gets drug, and hits some other stuff.  Come on, Batman, go a little higher.

3. “Evil Dead” (2013)

If anybody knows me, they know I love horror movies.  I was raised on them and they have been a part of my life ever since.  The original “Evil Dead” was one of my favorites for a long time.  Then I saw this one.  This is exactly what a horror movie needs to be. It has dark atmospheres complete with seclusion, being stranded in an unfamiliar place, tons of blood, demonic possession and even more blood.  Bloody blood.

Acting in horror movies isn’t supposed to be great – they’re not trying to win awards.  That said, the acting in this movie was decent and a line in the opening was delivered with a little bit of creepiness to it.  A few seconds later is when it happens–the part that I laughed at and the only–one in the movie I thought was pretty funny.

A girl gets possessed and kills her mom. Her dad gets some local inbreeds to tie her up to a pole and get an ancient-language-speaking older lady to read from the Necronomicon to try and get the demon out of the girl.  Instead, the lady tells the guy to set his daughter on fire because that’s the only way to set her free.  Money well spent, sir. You just got someone to help you kill your daughter.  And he seemed strangely okay with this.  Anyway, he tries to light her on fire, but the demon comes out and talks hella shit, so he gets his shotgun out and says this:

WOOOO!  With that much vibrato in his voice, I would pick this guy up and have him sing some songs to me.  Right after that line, he pulls the trigger and the movie starts with a boom(stick).

2. Lord of the Wu-Tang

This movie actually has three names:  “Lord of the Wu-Tang,” “The Evil Cult,” “Kung-Fu Colt Master.”  Not sure why it’s Colt, but I’m no translator.  This is one of my favorite kung-fu films–or “wuxia”–(depending on how technical you want to get).  This is the movie I compare all other martial arts movies to and most of them don’t really compare.

Jet Li plays Mo-Kei, a man who was hit with Jinx Palm when he was a kid and can’t learn kung-fu and spends the better part of his life being mocked and tormented by people who know kung-fu.  To undo the curse, he has to talk to an old priest that went mad with power after learning the fabled “Lunar Stance” and disappeared.  Li finds him tied to a bolder at the bottom of a cliff, still absolutely insane. Li tricks him into teaching him the Solar Stance and rid him of his curse. The priest does and Li falls asleep next to a woman, then this scene happens:

That was not the reaction I was expecting from someone who was just cured of a curse that left him cold constantly and stopped him from learning wushu, or whatever you want to call it.  But Jet Li’s faces are pretty funny in this scene.

1. District 9

This generation’s Alien Nation set in Johannesburg, South Africa.  The unlikely hero, Wikus, played by Sharlto Copley, starts out being interviewed by a documentary crew about working with the aliens.  He winds up getting infected by some alien juice and starts transforming. Immediately after, he becomes a running target.

At one point, before Wikus becomes a fugitive, he runs home to tell his wife his fingernails are falling off and he’s bleeding black stuff from his eyes.  When he busts into his house, the lights suddenly turn on and there’s a surprise party for the promotion Wikus received at the beginning of the movie.

He’s trying his damndest to get to the bathroom because my man has a mad case of the alien shits.  He’s grabbing his pants, he’s sweating, nervous and trying to act super natural… I’ve been there before.  The entire time his stomach is rumbling pretty badly.  He’s trying so hard to get to that bathroom but everybody is standing in his way trying to congratulate him and be COMPLETELY oblivious to the noises coming from Wikus’ stomach.

Apparently I’m not the only immature male who thinks bodily functions and noises are funny.  Every time I see this, I say to myself, “If I were Wikus, I would’ve just dropped trou right there and let those people see what was going on with me.”  Then again, I’m not very civilized and spent the better part of my life in the wilderness… where that’s acceptable.


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