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Image courtesy of Aaron Claycomb

Image courtesy of Aaron Claycomb

Sofa King News is the only A&E blog you will ever need. We cover film, music, television, and any other media one might consume while sitting on a couch. If we don’t like something, we will probably make fun of it. In all fairness, we will probably make fun of stuff we like as well.

From the editor:

Movies, for me, are a beyond a hobby or distraction but they are not always enjoyable based on technical achievements or  story telling alone. Sometime’s their lack of plot make them appealing. Sometimes, it makes them painful. Sometimes, bad acting can be forgiven based on low budgets or experience. Other times, it is mortal sin.

Most “critics” forget this and take their “criticism” too seriously. That is why you see their end of year lists all resembling each other’s; like they have some kind of secret formula book for what makes a great movie.

Meanwhile, big films work themselves into our culture whether we like them or not. Who the fuck actually likes Transformers movies? Why do they keep making so much money if no one likes them? Why does Nickleback keep selling tickets and albums if everyone hates them? It actually keeps me awake at night. I mean, I don’t buy Nickleback albums.

So, Hollywood tries to make hits inside of proven formulas.

If comic book A does well, comic books B-Z will be greenlit. Oh, that horror movie out performed everything this weekend? Well, golly gee fuck, let’s release a sequel every year at this time for a decade. 

But there is a balance. Both Hollywood and the arthouse put out capable films every year. Both also put out complete messes. Some will make millions only to leave a trail of haters in their wake. Others will sweep awards season only to leave behind the vaguest of memories.

Don’t believe their hype. Believe your own hype.

My philosophy on film can be applied to art in general — music, TV, video games, anime, comic books….eh, freakin’ sculptures and shit.

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