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Alpha Dog is J.T.’s greatest work…besides taking Britneys V card [TBT]

Alpha Dog is J.T.’s greatest work…besides taking Britneys V card [TBT]

You know what’s awesome?  Good Covers of popular old songs.  You know what’s even awesomer than awesome Justin Fudging Timberlake shirtless all kinds of tatted up workin’ out listening to some gangsta sheet.  You know whats the awesomest of all these awesome things?  A uber famous actor,…say Bruce Willis, doing a monologue about “selling a little weed”.  In 2006, a crowd at Sundance festival was given all these in the first 5 minutes of the film Alpha Dog, directed by Nick Cassavetes.

Now before I make too many funnies, let’s take a few words and remember that this movie is based on a true story.  Something really really bad happens.  That’s what makes it relatable.  Especially for dudes in their 20s and 30s who hang out, smoke bud, and play video games.  Two guys have beef and one takes it too far. His friends get sucked into it and before you know it they are all in way over their head.  All this takes place in Southern California too.  There’s priceless scenery of Cali’s landscape with a stellar Hip-Hop soundtrack. infact listen to this sheet right now while you finish reading.

So the Alpha Dog movie rundown.  Drug deal goes bad and one side kidnaps the younger brother of the other side.  It was a split second decision and not one that was acted out on violence.  More like the opportunity was there and they picked the kid up.  A few hours later, the kid is hanging out with everyone.  Smokin’ bud with em and makin jokes.  His older brother who caused the trouble is kinda a D but this kid turns out to be Karate Kid cool. The main dude with beef doesn’t know what to do so he ask his boy J.T. to let the kid stay at this house.  Then they wake up and tend to the weed plants, then a hot girl says, “This shirt is cool, Bob Marley is cool, kidnapping is not cool!”, then the kid has a threesome in a pool, then well…let’s just say thats where the kid peaked.

This movie has a sick soundtrack. It’s written in a modern day Kids Style.  The scenery is amazing and i’m not talking about all the weed they smoke…yes I am. But most importantly Justin Timberlake is in about 75% of the movie. He delivers an amazing performance.  Funnier than the D in the Box skit.  More Intense than the weird movie where Time was Money.  J.T. hasn’t been this emotional in a performance since his “What goes around Comes around” music video.  Which Ironically…came out the same year. (Good acting year J.T. #thumbsup )

Still not sold on this movie being awesome?  At the 32 minute mark…someone poops on a rug.  And maybe or maybe not that rug really tied the room together.




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