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Top 5 Anime Songs To Make Love To

Top 5 Anime Songs To Make Love To

Let’s Get It On. The Top 5 Anime Songs To… Make Love To

‘Sup ‘sap? Now sure, I’m one helluva fighter, but I’m also a helluva lover! Nothing incenses me more (at least, as of right now) then when someone says you can only be one or the other.



So with THAT stated, allow me to present to you five songs that’ll help spice up yer lovemakin’ and get ya deeeeep in the mood.


1. “Gessekai” – Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective

Nightwalker is an anime series concerning the adventures of a vampire detective and his lovesick secretary, protecting humanity from the various ghouls, rogue vampires, and other denizens of the night.

It’s also got the kind of smooth opening that makes for an even smoother entry…into this list.

Just hear it your goddamn self, see if I lie.



2. “Broken Wings” – Trinity Blood

Once again, freakin’ vampires, only this time IN THE FUTURE!

Also, what has to be the snuggliest fucking song you’ve ever heard. Seriously, this is that bodies-entwined before a fireplace in a sunken pit full of furs while it snows outside kinda music.

You’re welcome.



3. “Beauty Within us” – Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Okay, straight talk. The whole OST is fuckin’ awesome.

I refuse to teach you about Ghosts In The Shellders, since it’s one of those well-known you-should-already-know-about-it ones.

Sure you can crack jokes about the long-winded psychobabble and other nonsense, but me? I actually kinda dig those parts.

I also love gettin’ in parts to this particular song. The chorus is a bit of an acquired taste, but trust me – you can make it work, especially in the middle of the night while it’s rainin’ outside and the sound of hot, panting breaths move in counterpoint to the rustling, restless darkness.



4. “Tooi Sakebi” – Serial Experiments Lain


So #4 was a hard toss-up between the opening and closing from Serial Experiments Lain. In the end though, “Tooi Sakebi” won out for the kind of song that can get ya goin’.  That whiskey-soaked voice can get ya goin’, in the very least get yer lover’s blood pumpin’ and gettin’ their mind soaked in the dirty as you whisper sweet growls in their ear.

Well, hell, listen up yerself.



5. “Cry” – Street Fighter the Animation

Speaking about whiskey-soaked, husky voices, “Cry” by Big Life. Yeah.

This song.

You’re gonna love it. Period.

I don’t care if you, my dear reader, are a male, female, somethin’ in between, whatever the hell color or creed you are.

This song?

Yeah. It’s this one.



Well, there ya go. Five anime songs you can really sink yer teeth into someone with, bury yourself within them, be filled by them, all thost nice euphamisms.

Now, armed as you are – go! Find love, do whatever it is you want in life, and enjoy it.

‘Cuz sometimes it goes way too fast.

Rock on, friends.

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My geek repetoire is vast and deep, and I’m armed with a pretty heavy pen. Reviewin’ and judgin’ comes natural to me, and my interests and projects keep me quite busy.

Awesome Comments

  • I find these all incredibly easy to masturbate to.

    • Lovemaking and sex are like sports, y’know.

      Sometimes you gotta train solo before you put on the group show.

      ~Thomas Duder, Does Group Shows

  • I’m surprised at you, sir. I would’ve expected you to go with some classic anime songs for lovemaking: “Rock the Dragon” from DragonBall Z or “Rise! Tsuyosa” from Naruto.

    • Abuh-wah?

      You’re not speaking english. Speak english.

      Or we just have two completely different ideas of what constitutes “lovemakin’.” I’m not talkin’ about “I’M GONNA GO BALLS DEEP WITH EACH LOW BASSLINE,” I mean the kinda good mess R&B singers croon about.

      Or old school muthas.

      I’m talkin’ ’bout that “I just died in your arms tonight” kinda lovemaking NOT THE SONG THOUGH.

      Seriously, I’m talkin’ ’bout that kinda Barry White gettin’ iiiiiinit that lets yer lady/dude knooooow they’re about to get flat-out slain wit’ it.

      Candles, good dinner, give ’em a massage, then beat a rod until the tank empties.

      ~Thomas Duder, What Rating Was This Site Again? I Forgot.

  • KillaMike69

    Inuyasha had some pretty good ballad songs throughout its run. Fukai Mori by Do As Infinity was one that managed to get my attention everytime I heard it

    • ThomasDuder

      Good man, good man! Indeed, I haven’t thought about that song in awhile.

      Though I dislike Inu Yasha, it’s one of those series that showcases some great music, and Fukai Mori was an absolutely, tangibly edible delicacy.

      I say again, a great find!