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“Arrow” S02E01 Recap — ‘City of Heroes’

“Arrow” S02E01 Recap — ‘City of Heroes’

Oliver Queen is Back from Vacation in the Season Premier of Arrow

TV’s adaptation of DC comics legend, the Green Arrow is back in primetime on the CW. Last season ended with The Glades crumbling in an earthquake caused by a machine Malcom Merlyn bought to avenge the death of his wife. Oliver, our hero, The Hood, killed Malcom Merlyn, the Other Archer(just Merlyn in the comics, a character partially created by comic legend Neal Adams) in an all-out arrowganza in the finale.


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I’m so hood.

Oliver’s mother admitted to Starling City she was partly responsible for the earthquake that was to come in a last ditch effort to help get the people safely out of the glades. Too little too late, Queen bee. Oliver also lost his long time best friend Tommy Merlyn to debris through the chest in the quake.

Back on the island he was trapped in after the explosion of the Queen’s Gambit, Oliver Queen is still a big baby, hiding from his real life and responsibilities as a hero, and member of the crumbling Queen family. He did just lose his best friend. The show opens with Oliver gallivanting through the jungle, then cuts to an airplane where John Diggle, Queens “bodyguard” and part-time Hood substitute, along with, Felicity Smoak, Queen’s super librarian hot hacker/tech expert. They have rented a plane and go to the tropical pacific mystery island to bring the Hood back to his hood. Diggle tricks Felicity into jumping out of the plane by pushing her, then thanks her for waiting to vomit until they reached earth. We see a Deathstroke mask on a stick, what does this mean?

As they are walking through the jungle, Felicity steps on a landmine, but knows she has, so she pauses and looks to Diggle for help. Look, what’s that in the tree? Why, it’s The Hood, our hermetic hero! Oliver warns Diggle to back away, then swings down like Tarzan to swoop Felicity off of the mine he planted to safety. Oliver takes them back to his old crashed airplane hangout. They tell him they want him back in Starling City not to be the hood, but to be Oliver and take care of Queen Consolidated which is about to undergo a hostile takeover. Oliver also states he will never wear the hood again. They are lying. All of them.

Just as in last season, Arrow is two different stories of Oliver Queen. One is following his recent past while trapped on the island, and one is in the present after he has returned from the island to avenge his father’s death. We see Oliver back with Slade Wilson, portrayed by the guy who played Crixus in the recent Spartacus series by Starz, and Shado, the daughter of the man who saved his life on the island when Oliver washed up on the shore as a rich, pampered playboy. In the last episode, the three of them killed everyone else on the island. Now we see, they are not alone as they had thought as 3 heat signatures show up on their surveillance equipment.

Thea, Oliver’s sister, and her boyfriend Roy Harper are at the club doing some heavy petting when Thea notices a bruise on Harper’s ribs. In the comics Harper is Speedy, Green Arrow’s sidekick who once had a heroin problem. In the show, Oliver has nicknamed his sister Thea “Speedy” and last season we saw her battle with drugs for an episode. I wonder if Thea will die and Harper, who is already been starting to fight crime on his own against the will of Oliver and Thea will take the name Speedy as his hero name after losing Thea in a tragic death, or if this is just Hollywood screwing up story lines again. Thea knows Roy has been playing Arrow in the streets and immediately stops fondling him. As she is arguing with Roy, telling him that Arrow won’t be back, Oliver pops in saying, “I’m back.” Thea’s demeanor changes, then we find out Thea has been running Oliver’s club while he was away, and doing a good job of it too. Thea has grown up a little in his absence, but tells Oliver she will not be visiting her mother in prison.

Laurel Lance, Oliver’s previous love interest, is now working for the District Attorney’s office after her non-profit was destroyed in the quake, and is attending a charity function put on by the mayor of Starling City. The Hoods, a new group of pseudo vigilantes from the glades mimicking The (Real) Hood yelling, “Mr. Mayor, you failed this city,” crash the fundraiser and kill the mayor and several of the attendees. They don’t quite understand vigilantism. Laurel takes out on of the hoods trying to attack the D.A., then gets held at gun point. They leave claiming they will take back their city.


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As long as there are no flipper babies, right, Don? 

Oliver shows up to the aftermath of the fundraiser and him and Laurel have a heart to heart about their pasts. As he is leaving he figures out that Diggle actually brought him back because of The Hoods gang. The media is covering Oliver Queen’s return more than the death of the mayor, and the leader of The Hoods is butt hurt. They plan to hit the Queens where it hurts because of their “responsibility” in the creation of the manmade disaster area that used to be The Glades.

Roy is encouraging to go see her mom in prison though Thea is reluctant. She blames her mother for the deaths of the people in the glades. Oliver visits Queen Consolidated to meet with Elizabeth Rochev, a new character played by the beautiful Summer Glau, who plans to buy out the majority of Queen Consolidated stock and push the Queens out. The Hoods bust into the meeting with shotguns and automatic weapons, telling Oliver HE’s failed the city. What? Oliver swings out of the window on the blinds chain with Felicity in his arms back into through window the floor below! Nice. Oliver expresses to Diggle and Felicity once more that he does not want to be a vigilante any longer, and will definitely not kill anyone again.

We flash back to Oliver on the island where him, Slade, and Shado are walking through the jungle looking for their mystery guests. Shado splits to the right saying something in Chinese to Oliver and almost immediately catches gun fire. Oliver runs after her and finds her “green hood” lying on the ground. Now we have an origin story folks!

Oliver visits his mother in prison and she tells him she wants him to take over the company.

The Hoods come to the night club to find Oliver, and they end up taking Thea instead. Roy tries to stop them, but he’s just not quite The Hood. When Oliver arrives at the crime scene and finds out The Hoods have taken Thea he immediately goes downstairs to his secret The Hood basement layer. Diggle and Felicity follow him downstairs to unveil a refurbished layer and a super sweet custom compound bow Felicity has made for Oliver. Oliver sets out to find Thea.

Back in time on the island Shado is getting questioned by a strange man wearing a bandana on his head and a singly braided chin beard. The man strikes her, then Oliver smashes his head repeatedly with a rock. Shado and Slade both look mortified.

Thea is now tied to a chair about to be executed by the leader of The Hoods when Oliver shows up to rescue her.  Oliver cuts off the leader who is trying to escape with Thea and aims his bow at him. The man is holding Thea at gunpoint, so Oliver shoots the man’s chest with an arrow, knocking him over the side of a balcony flipping backwards. Oliver grabs the leader’s hand at the last second, and when he looks at Oliver and calls him a killer, Oliver picks him back up over the balcony and saves his life. Oliver then Delivers The Hoods to Former Detective, now Officer Lance AKA Laurel’s daddy who is working the beat after his demotion.

Oliver and Laurel both happen to be visiting Tommy’s grave at the same time. They seem to be reconnecting. Thea decides to visit her mom after being kidnapped. They hug. It’s nice. Back at Queen consolidated Isabelle Rochev finds out that Walter Steele, Oliver’s stepfather has used Queen Financial to bail out Queen Consolidated and that her and Oliver will now be partners.

A quick flashback to the island shows us a boat anchored on the opposite shore of Slade’s camp.

Back in Starling City, Roy tries to stop three guys from raping a girl starts to lose the fight, when what I can only imagine will be the Black Canary shows up and kicks the crap out of all of them with some hardcore nightsticks before Roy can finish the job. Nerd boner.

To close out the episode, Oliver reveals that if he’s back in the vigilante game, he will no longer be called The Hood. He doesn’t exactly say what he wants to be called, but he’s looking at a Green Arrow when Diggle asks, “So, what do you want to be called?” Credits.

Sharp Points

Will Oliver tell us he wants to be called the Green Arrow or will it just be the show’s title, Arrow?

Are Oliver and Laurel going to hook back up? Probably.

What is going to come of Roy, will he become a masked vigilante with a costume, or will he continue to just wear his stupid red hoodie?

The Black Canary is in town and it is probably Laurel. When will her and Oliver meet as vigilantes? Will they be friend or foe?


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