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Author: Andy Graf

Don’t Breathe: Clever Title, and Even Better Advise

Don’t Breathe: A Second Look at a Blind Thriller You know that feeling when someone’s like, “Hey, wanna go check out the new flick? Sam Raimi produced it!” and then you’re like “besides Spiderman 3, what’s the worst that can happen?” but then during the movie you realize that the person who offered you the ticket is no friend, and you want the world to end because the film you are suffering through is that bad? Don’t Breathe. End it. Its ok. You have the power. It turns out that the title of the new Sam Raimi production Don’t Breathe contains both...

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Now You See Me 2: The Second Act [MOVE REVIEW]

Now You See Me 2 Review When someone approaches you and says “Let me perform some magic,” the natural reaction is to displace your inclinations for what is possible, and prepare to accept disbelief. Two possibilities are then likely, either the magic succeeds and you are left with amazement and wonder, or, like a joke with a prematurely guessed punchline, it fails to amuse, and you walk away. Now You See Me 2: The Second Act very much follows that formula, painstakingly explaining that it is performing magic, begging for you to set aside what you think you know about...

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Unfortunately, I Saw The Light [MOVIE REVIEW]

I Saw the Light Review With only 29 years to secure his legacy as one of the most legendary country music stars of all time, Hank Williams lived a fuller life than men twice his age.  A life filled with adventure, women, booze and drugs, it would be seem to be the perfect candidate for a movie to follow in the trails Johnny Cash and Ray Charles and have a movie made about it. Unfortunately, Remain in the Light, falls well short of the satisfaction we get from watching a rock star climb to the peaks, only to plummet...

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Thin Line Film Festival IX: A Glimpse

The line between fact and fiction is hazy and jagged. Truth is subjective and elusive. Your perceptions of the world are as unique as the pattern of hairs on your head. Many people find themselves confined by this, they look around and don’t understand the people that surround them. Politicians capitalize on this feeling, casting light on “the others.” The others are misguided! They are weird! We need to build a wall to separate ourselves from them! Their influence and opinions will surely be the destruction of everything that you and I hold sacred!  It is easy to forget...

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‘The Night Before’ Puts the Holiday “Elf” in “Selfish” [MOVIE REVIEW]

Five minutes past Halloween and we start a new phase of our year, Christmas. Thanksgiving gets forgotten like prunes in a candy store. Hanukkah gets passed over, and Kwanzaa is a thing, right? All marketing is focused on one thing, reminding you that you need to buy all the stuffs for the next two months. Apparently, thanks to Starbucks, and the color choice of their cups, everything is now smashed together into one non-offensive word “Holidays.” The Night Before is the Hollywood personification of that concept…except for the non-offensive part. If you blend together every Holiday tradition, add in a handful of Seth Rogen...

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‘Spectre’ Fails to be Spectacular [MOVIE REVIEW]

Spectre Review What distinguishes a James Bond spy-thriller like Spectre, from a spy-thriller without the adjective? Well the obvious is a handsome British man, who loves vodka and suits, with a license to kill. A rolex that does something more than tell time, a few chase scenes in various vehicles, a sexy co-star who swears she won’t sleep with our hero (but totally gives it up after the first sign of disaster), a bad-guy with a scar and a fuzzy white cat, who also happens to live in a secret military base hidden in a crater in the desert and...

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‘The Last Witch Hunter’ Survival Guide

So, you have found yourself in a situation where you are about to attempt to sit through The Last Witch Hunter.  First let me say, I am sincerely sorry. You are about to embark on an arduous hour and a half journey; and when you finish you will feel two and a half hours older, and like you’ve just had your soul removed in a colonoscopy performed by Rocky Balboa. But I have good news, I survived and so can you! While I did not follow any of the advice I am about to gift, this guide will help...

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