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Author: Billy Collyer

Galaxy Cloak is Calming Lunacy [ALBUM REVIEW]

Galaxy Cloak Review Through the radioactive dust of the terminus world of underground hip-hop, Menes the Pharoah and Sorcery Orchestra of Galaxy Cloak rhythmically empathize with the Bieliebers. The solar system of entertainers going ham over lit beats, the rapid air horns blast as the Bieliebers waive their hands to the money makin solar music flares — Galaxy Cloak is not a flare. Galaxy Cloak is calming lunacy. Lunacy that absorbs the dark matter flares of the Bieliebers and manifest it into celestial hip hop delight. Past 2021, this delight will blast in the underground streets of San Francisco....

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Alpha Dog is J.T.’s greatest work…besides taking Britneys V card [TBT]

You know what’s awesome?  Good Covers of popular old songs.  You know what’s even awesomer than awesome Justin Fudging Timberlake shirtless all kinds of tatted up workin’ out listening to some gangsta sheet.  You know whats the awesomest of all these awesome things?  A uber famous actor,…say Bruce Willis, doing a monologue about “selling a little weed”.  In 2006, a crowd at Sundance festival was given all these in the first 5 minutes of the film Alpha Dog, directed by Nick Cassavetes. Now before I make too many funnies, let’s take a few words and remember that this movie is...

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Drunken Album Review: ‘Purpose’ by Justin Bieber [ALBUM REVIEW]

Justin Bieber Purpose Review It’s weird that musicians don’t start their albums with their best song. Why did Bieber start Purpose with “Mark my words,” … the chorus sounds like rich homie quan grunting. (Grunting very smooth and melodically) … I can’t even concentrate on the lyrics cause of the rich homie grunting. … But I love me some Bieber. So I will survive to the next track. And wonder if this is the one about Selena. Or maybe one of the six. Bieber writes or co-writes his songs…and apparently he told Ellen alot were about Selena. …. Oh...

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‘Weird Science’ is better than ‘Cocktail’ [THROWBACK THURSDAY]

Weird Science vs Cocktail In 16 months John Hughes released 3 films that would shape the imaginations of adolescents across the globe. First, Sixteen Candles, then Breakfast Club, and finally in August of 1985…Weird Science. Of the three Weird Science had the worst reviews and still today is probably the hardest one to finish. But Weird Science has something that separates it from not just the John Hughes pack…but from every movie ever made anywhere. It’s a one-man movie wolf pack with the best bar scene ever shot. The best one Hands down…ever Other websites that do lesser quality...

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’18 Again’ Doesn’t Get Old [THROWBACK THURSDAY]

The writers at are not depressed. The people at rotten tomatoes must poop sunshine and rainbows. They must be happy folk who don’t wish they could go back in time and relive their youth. How could they give “18 Again” 5.6 out of 10 stars and only 29% unsquashed tomato! How could they do that to sweet suave George Burns? (In fact lets take a few elipses in honor of the late awesome super sweet Burns) … … … … … … … … … .. Hollywood has milked the body swap formula many times. It’s even used...

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Happy Halloween: Children of the Corn Sucks!

Children of the Corn is Rather Corny In 1977 Stephen King beat all of todays horror writers to the idea that “kids are creepy”. He took children…had them murder all the adults…and then had them say they did it for religious reasons. (I see your metaphor Mr. King) This plot was Shock and Awe genius, for a book written in the late 70s. 7 years later, in 1984, a big-budget movie was made and the religious murdering children stepped off the pages and onto the screen leapfrogging over “he who walks behind the rows” to scare audiences nationwide. The...

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