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Author: Joel Colquitt

Time to Play the Music — “The Muppets” premieres with a whole new approach

Since the promos, producers, and plugs for the new television program to feature The Muppets have promised an edgier, more adult-oriented, “not your grandmother’s Muppet Show” approach to the program, fans, purists and the always irate conservative right went indiscriminately insane.  The Million Moms organization staged a boycott, encouraging helicopter parents to forbid the show in their moral households.  Angry responses flooded social media, lamenting on how “liberal America” has destroyed even our furry friends.  Even Franklin Graham suggested the morning of the show’s premier that no one, let alone children, should watch this program.  Mind you, up until...

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“Run All Night” — Intense Action, but Nothing New for Neeson

Liam Neeson keeps the action going with a different character, but the story remains the same. I’m going to start things off by admitting that I probably would have enjoyed Run All Night a bit more had Bruce Willis been cast to play the lead. It’s not that Liam Neeson doesn’t graciously step into the character of Jimmy Conlon, a former mob enforcer who has spent his retirement years drenched in whiskey in an attempt to remove the ghosts of his past.  It’s just that the role almost seems better suited for Mr. Willis’ style.  Conlon is indeed a...

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2014’s Top Entertainment Stories

2014’s top entertainment stories Sony pulled The Interview from theatrical release (sort of), HBO said farewell to Boardwalk Empire and The Newsroom, Bill Cosby went from America’s Dad to America’s Sexual Pariah, Robin Williams went from making us laugh to leaving us devastated and in tears, and U2 teamed up with Apple to piss off nearly everyone.  Here are a few of 2014’s top entertainment stories.   Zip-Zop-Zoobity-Flop No one wanted to believe that the man behind Heathcliff Huxtable and Fat Albert could have been capable of drugging (or attempting to drug) multiple women for his own sexual gratification. ...

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TV Recap: The Newsroom S03E06 – What Kind of Day Has It Been

Sorkin phones in the rushed finale of what might have been one of television’s best dramas with “What Kind Of Day Has It Been” There was one brief moment about three-quarters into the series finale of The Newsroom, during Neal Sampat’s less than triumphant return to the ACN newsroom, where series creator and head writer Aaron Sorkin gave due respect for the HBO series that started off with a bang and ended with a … well, “whimper” might be the wrong choice of words … let’s go with “popcorn fart.” Neal quietly scorns the ACN digital media team for...

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Holidays With the Corleones — Christmas Movies Without the Packaging

Non Traditional Christmas Movies Tired of the same old Christmas films year in and year out?  Had enough laughs at Clark Grizwold’s near suicidal attempt to staple 1,000 Christmas lights to his roof?  Does It’s a Wonderful Life make you want to upchuck your fruitcake?  Frustrated by the same, warmed over Holiday leftovers from red-nosed reindeers to animated snowmen?  Well, you’d better not pout.  Here are just a few films that would never be classified as “Christmas Classics” that will still get you in the mood this season while decorating the house or chilling with some spiked egg nog....

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TV Recap: The Newsroom S04E02 – Run

Espionage, relationships, and hostile takeovers dominate “Run,” the second episode in The Newsroom‘s final season Recap: Fans who have been following Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom since the beginning may or may not remember that on the pilot episode, anchorman Will McAvoy referred to one of his employees, the young man in charge of writing his blog Neal Sampat, as “Punjab,” the name of a character from “Little Orphan Annie.” I bring this up only to illustrate the contrast between Will McAvoy then and Will McAvoy now, because after last night’s episode, entitled “Run,” Will couldn’t have made a greater sacrifice...

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