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Author: Kyle Bufkin

Dallas Comic Con 2014

Stan Lee Headlines Dallas Comic Con in its Downtown Debut Excelsior! True Believers, Cosplayers, and Nerds of all shapes, colors, and genres arrived hours early Friday May 16th, 2014, in hopes of being the first to experience  the wonders of this year’s Dallas Comic Con had to offer. And by colors I mean the ones found in the rainbow, not on normal earthling skin. Doors to the main dealer room opened at 4 o’clock, although a select group lucky/generous con-goers were let in early at two pm. This year was the first time Dallas Comic Con was held at the Kay...

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Of Mice and Men Restores Some Force

Album Review : Of Mice and Men – Restoring Force Of Mice and Men are back with Restoring Force, but they didn’t necessarily become more of a force. Their latest effort has a higher produced sound than their previous work, but the problem is that it’s a little all over the place. While it seems they’ve been influenced by several other genres on this album, they didn’t seem to quite nail a particular voice or sound either. Some would call it eclectic; honestly, it comes off as busy. The screaming parts are generally the best because they are not...

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Stormtrooper Twerk

Stormtrooper Twerk Video gets Over a Million Hits in Two Days Filmaker and rapper Scott Winn brought the world Stormtroopers twerking two days ago, and of course with 1. twerking and 2. stormtroopers in the title, and and amazing video/song, it is blowing up in true viral fashion. Winn already has 155,000+ followers on his youtube page, but this looks to be his most successful video yet. A bus went by to reveal a Stormtrooper “chillin'” up against a light pole or street sign waiting on his Stormtrooper friend to show up with the ghetto blaster to have a...

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Premier Review/Recap: True Detective

True Detective Shows a lot of Naked Dead Women Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey star in HBO’s newest crime drama, True Detective. Matt and Woody play an odd couple detective duo investigating murders for Louisiana’s State Police Criminal Investigation Division, or C.I.D.. Though both actors have the potential to be hilarious, they are not… at all. This is the grittiest damn show on television right now, and these two bring out some of their finest acting yet to television. Yes, television. McConaughey just won a Golden Globe for best actor in a film, and now he is able to...

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SNF: Mario Bros. Vs. Sonic and Tails

SNF Video Game Doubles Match Up: Mario and Luigi Vs. Sonic and Tails Two iconic duos from early generation video game systems are brought together for this week’s SNF(Sunday Night Fight), in the original plumbers with powers, The Mario Bros., and the teenage talking animal speedsters, Sonic and Tails. Mario has sold over 210 million units in his career, and Sonic has sold a mere 90 million, but Mario has the longer history, going back to the original Donkey Kong (1981). Sonic first debuted in 1991 on his self titled 16-bit game, Sonic the Hedgehog. Both of our flagship heroes started...

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Review: Ben Kronberg: “The Half Hour”

Ben Kronberg is really weird, of the delightfully hilarious variety Calling Ben Kronberg super laid back would be a gross understatement. With his quiet, yet confident voice, he delivered a style and tone reminiscent of a slightly less stoned Mitch Hedberg, with plenty of Zach Galifianakis’ demented absurdity thrown in. While the comparisons are apt, Ben Kronberg has a voice all his own, and it’s fucking hilarious. The 36 year old Colorado native looks like a young Steve Earle mixed with Ray McKinnon, the dude who played the crazy reverend from Deadwood and a crazy cop in Sons of Anarchy. He rocked a Canadian tuxedo with unadulterated...

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Album Review: Hopsin “Knock Madness”

Hopsin brings the hard “Knock Madness” “Hop is Back” with a vengeance as Hopsin spits rapid hot fire over killer production in “Knock Madness”. Self written and produced, this album is all Hopsin and does not quit with the supersonic mic skills and powerful lyrics. Knock Madness proves that the day of  the lyrical MC ain’t over, and are poppin’ in Los Angeles. Hopsin’s style is unmatched and as he clearly states throughout Knock Madness. While much of this album is Hopsin gloating, he paints a perfect picture of his LA, street skateboarder lifestyle. “Nollie Tre Flip” is a...

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Album Review: Death Grips “Government Plates”

Death Grips’ will leave you questioning everything, ever… Upon finishing I found a letter about an hour after regaining sanity and consciousness from what apparently was about an hour lapse of control over my brain and bodily functions. When I came to, I was in my neighbor’s pool wearing only their annoyingly loud and aggressive wiener dog as a hat tied on by shoe strings, and my underwear which was wrapped around the dog like a sweater. Welcome to Death Grips, Kyle. Here is the letter: Kyle, What the fuck? Love, Your Face P.S. Haha, Hahahaha. Hahah… ahah. haHahahHahah…...

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