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Author: Aaron Claycomb

Avenue of the Giants Deliver Huge Sound with ‘Just Between Us’ [MUSIC REVIEW]

Avenue of the Giants Just Between Us Review Anyone that reads this page or knows me in real life can attest to the fact that I am a Rehab fan. No, I am not talking about an institution that helps people control their addictions. I am talking about the Georgia hip-hop/rock outfit. I saw them many times over the years and met everyone from the group a time or two. So, when they signed a major label contract a few years ago, I was disheartened and disappointed to see the money grubbers at Universal Republic declare that guitarist, Foz...

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‘The Identical’ Tells Familiar Story [MOVIE REVIEW]

The Identical Review What if Elvis’ twin brother wasn’t stillborn? Instead, what if he was adopted by another family? What if he spent his life idolizing his twin brother as a fan, finding inspiration in his brother’s career? What if he became the best Elvis impersonator the world has ever seen? In The Identical, a similar story is told. Albeit, one without the attached licensing fees that would go along with telling a story about the iconic rock n’ roller. Instead of Elvis, we get Drexel Hemsley. The music in The Identical has one hand firmly grasped on 1950s...

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‘The One I Love’ is One we Love [MOVIE REVIEW]

The One I Love Review Indie film guru, Mark Duplass, has really found a niche for himself. Not in mumblecore, of course, because he despises the term, but in something altogether different. With the success of Safety not Guaranteed and his latest film, The One I Love, it is safe to say that Duplass is the king of rom-com/sci fi. “Rocomsfi.” Catchy, I know. The One I Love is about a couple, in a last ditch effort to save their marriage and on the advice of their counselor, they escape to a forest getaway to rekindle what was lost...

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