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Breaking Bad Recap: s05e10 ‘Buried’

Breaking Bad Recap: s05e10 ‘Buried’

In ‘Buried’, no one is eating, and Walt Jr. is no where to be found.

***Spoilers Ahead*** Don’t cry; you’ve been warned.

The Aftermath of last week’s Walt and Hank Garage Showdown

-Hank’s neighbor’s new yellow remote control car escapes Walt’s reign of terror… this time.

-As Walt tries to call Skyler to warn her, she has already made plans to meet Hank at the diner. Hank is naive in assuming that Skyler is ignorant and/or not complacent in all of Walt’s crimes. She realizes how deeply she is actually buried. That panicked moment when she realizes that Hank may not be her friend reminded me of the scene in Goodfellas where Lorriane Bracco thinks that Robert De Niro is going to whack her, as he tries to lure her down a dodgy alley. All Robert De Niro was trying to do was give her some fur coats.

Dean Norris as Hank on Breaking Bad

image courtesy of AMC

-Where Hank can’t get through to Skyler, Marie has some luck and confronts her sister. The scene where Marie confronts Skyler about her involvement in Walt’s life of crime will get Betsy Brandt an Emmy nomination.

-Then the two ladies literally fight over the baby. Baby Holly could be the most important character in this whole thing. Her outcome will impact everyone. Will she be only one left alive at the end? Will she end up alone with only Walt?

The Big Stack of Money

-Walt believes that the heat is on big time, so he dispatches Huell and Kuby to fetch his giant pile of money from the storage unit. Huell simply says, “I gotta do it man.” Huell then serenely lays about on the enormous amount of money, while Kuby chides him for slacking off and “channeling Scrooge McDuck.” However the temptation to roll around on that much money was too much for Kuby, and he lies down on the pile as well. It was big enough to comfortably fit both Kuby and Huell at the same time.

-Saul insists that Walt not communicate with Skyler (who’s loyally trying to help him against Hank).

-With Jesse no where to be found, Walt takes the seven barrels worth of his fortune loaded up by Huell and Kuby, (“that’s close enough” according to Walt) and buries it in the desert.

walter white

image courtesy of AMC

-Regarding the whole Hank thing, Saul proposes Walt “send him on a trip to Belize.” Walt’s reaction to the idea of having Hank murdered was rather funny. “Jesus! Send him to Belize? I’ll send you to Belize.” The thought of sending Hank to Belize had to have seriously crossed Walt’s mind at one point.

-While Walt’s burying those seven barrels, “Quimey Neuguén” by José Larralde can be heard playing.

-The presumed coordinates of Walt’s treasure are 54 (my buddy thought he heard 34), 59, 20, 106, 36, 52.

Where’s Walt Jr.?

-Walter and Skyler return to their home after visiting Saul and Hank (respectively), but since no one is making food, Walt Jr. is at a Waffle House or Denny’s.

-While dismissing Skyler, Walter quietly and defiantly strips to his dirty undies (the whites), and begins looking like the sickly season one Walt, before he suffers a cancer exhaustion collapse.

-As he recuperates, Walt pleads with Skyler to let him turn himself in, if she promises to keep all the money and not tell anyone about it.

Walt at 52.

image courtesy of AMC

“Please… Please, don’t let me have done all this for nothing.”

-Walter White admits he fucked things up! With no trace of irony or sarcasm, he, the Great Heisenberg, confesses that he made a mistake! Walt seems to have experienced the rare moment of true humility that we haven’t seen much of lately .

The Triumphant Return of Todd

-Lydia is unhappy with Declan (the meth dealer who [said His name]). This is the guy who cooks meth that’s 68% pure, so she recommends the return of Todd back into the mix. Todd’s first two cooks were 74%, but during his third cook, he started a fire.

-That six percent difference in purity seems insignificant, but this way, Todd, Kenny, and Uncle Jack (who has friends inside prison) are back.

-That’s that; Lydia orders the deaths of Declan and his cruddy 68% biker crank operation. Todd is back in business, like a boss.

Jesse Plemons as Todd

image courtesy of AMC

-Biggest Laugh of the Night: As Lydia recoils from the massive carnage from the meth gang massacre, one of Todd’s crew calmly remarks to her, “it’s cool, lady.”

Jesse and Lone Wolf McQuade

-That nice man from the opening scene, who was about to leave (before sunrise) for a long hard day of work at a New Mexico mill. Well, that man follows the money to Jesse’s car filled with even more ducats and its lonely blinking turn signal (I thought Jesse finally did himself in). Nope, he’s just on the merry-go-round.

-In a heart-wrenching scene performed by Dean Norris, Hank explains to Marie the implications of him publicly going after Walt. It would likely end his professional career, and he would suffer his greatest humiliation yet with the acknowledgment of letting his very own brother-in-law get away with all that, right under his own nose.

-Marie calls him Lone Wolf McQuade. Hank goes down to the police department anyway.

-Hank and “Gomie” share in some balls-related banter. Classic Hank and Gomez.

-Emo Jesse doesn’t say a word during this episode. His ride on the merry-go-round got him a one way ticket to con college and a front row seat to a police integration room.

-For real though, Aaron Paul (unsurprisingly) plays Jesse with his detached expression in a way that conveys a wealth of emotion using very little.

Jesse Pinkman and Skyler White on Breaking Bad

image courtesy of AMC

-‘Buried’ ends with Hank (still operating covertly) scheming his way into interrogating the uncooperative Mr. Pinkman.

Dope Cinematography, Natch

Another incredibly mesmerizing episode full of gorgeous cinematography featuring a few doozies…

-The bird’s eye shot of Jesse on the merry-go-round.

-The always lovely wide-open, neo-western shots of Walt burying his treasure in the desert.

-The close-up shot of Jesse in the interrogation room, then the camera re-focuses through the grate onto Hank waiting outside.

Those Final Shards that you found in your carpet…

-Hank vs. Jesse next week, holy fucking shit!!! My prediction: The scorned pair will team up and secretly try to take down Heisenberg… though ultimately and sadly, they will fail.

-Will the RC car that belongs to the dumb kid who lives next to Hank survive the season? I sure hope so.

-How long will it take before Walt involves himself in Todd’s and Lydia’s ballyhoo? As a fugitive (with a cancer relapse), perhaps he’ll choose to cook again. Will Jesse talk him into it?

-If the scenes with Saul, Huell, and Kuby are predictive of the possible Breaking Bad spin off, where do I buy my ticket?

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