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Thoughts: The Flash – Fastest Man Alive

Thoughts: The Flash – Fastest Man Alive

After 2 episodes The Flash Is Batting 1.000

When approaching a new series I like to be cautiously optimistic – with the emphasis on cautiously. It’s easy to get swept up in a show, to romanticize it, when everything is still new, before the chinks in its armor start to show. I’ve been burned before by getting too excited too fast  about a new show – as a fan and as a writer. Despite this I still can’t keep from getting excited about The Flash.

The line being towed about The Flash is that it is a true “superhero” show. That is, that it’s not going to be too wrapped up in being “moody.” That it’s not going to be overly concerned with themes or symbols or character development. That its main focus will be on  super-powers, and being super awesome and super fun. There’s been some clamor for a comic book adaptation that isn’t afraid of its comic book roots and to even embrace them. So far, on this, The Flash has delivered, and after only 2 episodes, it’s pretty tempting to believe that it will continue to do so for the long run.



Call me naive, but I’m going to give in to that temptation. I’m going to say – The Flash is legit. And I’m going to get excited about next week’s episode.

Sure, there’s some things I could nitpick – some criticisms to be made. It was awkward that for 3/4 of the episode Det. West implores Barry not to take the law into his own hands out of concern for Barry’s safety, only to do a complete 180 when things get a little rough. It was annoying that the writers tried to shoe-horn some motivation in for Danton Black (Multiplex) instead of just letting him be a “Bad Guy.” There’s plot holes, over used tropes and disingenuous appeals for emotion. But if you’re wadding into the land of network TV, these are all things you should’ve been prepared for.

Fastest Man Alive


So far, the show has delivered on its promise. It features Super-Heroes and Super-Villains with Super-Powers and throws them at each other. Most importantly, it’s fun and I don’t see any sign of it slowing down. Of course I’m probably horribly wrong and the show will tank, but… that’s life.



1. So, have you have you felt burned by getting too excited by a show early on?

2. Just who is Harrison Wells really?

3. How do you think The Flash stacks up to its peers like Arrow or Gotham



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