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Game of Thrones: Best of the Seven Kingdoms

Game of Thrones: Best of the Seven Kingdoms

Our Five Favorite Characters

Let me start by stating; personal preference and character personality has lead me to this list and the order arrangement. There is no real reason or rhyme or even a specific beer or wine that has lead me to this point. Yes, all episodes are coupled with a drink or two, more times than not a tasty IPA or a glass of Malbec does the trick. Enough of me, lets get started!


1. Tyrion Lannister


Game of Thrones Tyrion


Yes, Tyrion! How is he NOT your favorite character? For starters, he has been in the most episodes to this point, so substance alone can help Tyrion find himself at the top of the list. Also, he is the only noble dwarf in the seven kingdoms, at least that we have seen thus far. Sarcasm and smarts? Yeah, Tyrion possesses both. We know wisdom is arguably the most important trait to make a great king. The smallest character has the biggest mind. Tyrion Lannister for President! Well actually, for KING!

Smart quote: “Let me give you some advice bastard: Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.”

Sarcastic quote: “It’s not easy being drunk all the time. If it were east, everyone would do it.”


2. Daenerys Targaryen


Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Stormborn of house Targaryen, mother of dragons and breaker of chains. I mean seriously, is there a bigger BA in the realm? If there is then we have yet to come upon that person. Who walks into a bonfire and comes out unscathed with three new born dragons? She’s fierce, she’s beautiful, and is believed by many, the rightful heir to the throne. Her marriage to Drogo gave her the confidence and strength to lead the unsullied army as well as many others.  

“When my dragons are grown, we will take back what was stolen from me and destroy those who wronged me! We will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground!”


3. Arya Stark


Game of Thrones Arya Stark

Speaking of Fierce, Arya Stark might be the fiercest character roaming the realm. This is not only due to the fact that she is often mistaken for a boy. Being independent is something she has fully embraced. She’s small in stature but huge in heart. Watching her father, Ned Starck’s beheading, turned her heart cold. Having a cold heart coupled with her fierceness has brought her to her current state-of-mind; assassin. In the latest episode, we see this come to light when she blurts out her “hit list”. Joffrey, Cersei, Walder Frey, Meryn Trant, Tywin Lannister, The Red Woman, Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr, Ilyn Payne, The Mountain… and The Hound. Personally, I hope she is able to kill the remaining characters with the sword given to her by Jon Snow, Needle.

“Some day I’m going to put a sword through your eye and out the back of your skull.”


4. Jon Snow


Game of Thrones Jon Snow

The bastard son of the late Lord Ned Stark, and a steward in the Night’s Watch comes in at number four. He could easily be slotted higher in the ranks but slides down due to some overwhelmingly awesome traits of the other characters. Jon Snow has a fearlessness not known by many! Jon Snow shares his father’s (Ned Stark) devotion to honor and tries to stay morally correct. However, he breaks his oath to the Night’s Watch when he comes in contact with Ygritte, a wilding woman who captured Jon Snow and lead him to the Lord of Bones. Personally, I liked the relationship between Jon Snow and Ygritte, as you could sense that both fell in love with each other. Not to fear, I believe there will be more on this relationship in the future.

“If we die we’ll die, but first we’ll live.”


5. Jaime Lannister


Game of Thrones Jaime Lannister

“ANOTHER Lannister?!” I can just hear tons of GOT fans roaring about this. For the record, Jaime made a late push in the past seven episodes or so to make this list. In the first few seasons I hated Jaime just as much as I hated the rest of the Lannisters (excluding Tyrion of course). However, my feelings about Jaime have done a 360 ever since Brienne was in charge of getting Jaime back to King’s Landing. Who doesn’t like a bad guy turned good? A Kingsguard with one hand isn’t ideal but at least he has his head on straight now. Who else thinks that he has fallen for Brienne? THIS GUY!

“You are speaking of a highborn lady, ser. Call her by her name. Call her Brienne.”

“You don’t feel your wounds then, or the ache in your back from the weight of the armor, or the sweat running down into your eyes. You stop feeling, you stop thinking, you stop being you, there is only the fight, the foe, this man and then the next, and the next, and the next, and you know they are afraid and tired but you’re not, you’re alive, while death is all around you but swords move so slowly, you can dance through them laughing.”

Honorable mention: Bronn, Grey Worm and Brienne

That’s the list one through five, do you agree? We would like to hear about your top five. Is it close to mine? Is it completely different? Long live Game of Thrones!


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Awesome Comments

  • Roseanna Nicholson

    Arya is my #1, with Tyrion as a close #2… #3 Dragon Girl, #4 Jon Snow, but Jaime is out. He still has a crush on his sister (gross!) and I replace him with… the kid from the Night’s Watch who is friends with Jon and saved the girl and her newborn. What’s his name? Something Tully? He’s a standup (albeit sometimes a little stupid) loyal guy.

  • I would keep your top 3 the same

    1. Tyrion
    2. Daenerys
    3. Arya

    Jon Snow bores the hell out of me so Jaime gets bumped up to 4

    4. Jaime

    I had to think about the fifth pick for a second but I’d go with…

    5. Mama Stark

    • Roseanna Nicholson

      Ugh! Arya is definitely #1… Gah!