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Orange is the New Black S01E01 — Recap ‘I wasn’t Ready’

Orange is the New Black S01E01 — Recap ‘I wasn’t Ready’

Jenji Kohan’s riveting new dark comedy on netflix

****Spoilers Ahead-You’ve Been Warned-Don’t Cry****

Holy shit, this show is good. You can check out our review to see what we really think of it. If you have not already gobbled up every episode of Orange is the New Black on Netflix, you are missing out. If you like to space each episode and ponder over every nuance, joke or performance, you can do so with us. Let’s have the world’s largest watching party from the comfort of our own homes. I promise to not accidentally reach for the popcorn at the same time as you, only to have our hands embrace and make love under the puffed kernels of dripping butter. That is, unless you want me to.

Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) is a pretty white woman from a fairly affluent family. She has a fiance, Larry, played by the pie-fucker himself, Jason Biggs. Her business is about to take off and she has a happy future ahead of her. There’s just one thing: she has this pesky prison sentence to take care of. The first episode starts on the day she must sign herself into the prison. She says bye to her family and sits in a waiting room with Larry, scared, desperate and a delusionally optimistic. Her hope is smashed by her first experience with the surly guard who quickly breaks the romantic embrace between Piper and Larry.


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I love you more than pie….almost.

Piper used to practice the art of lesbianese and drug running; and her past has finally caught up with her. Turned in by the same woman that turned her on to the criminal lifestyle in the first place (she turned her on to other things too), she must now face 2 years in maximum security prison.

Her family wants to cry for her, but Piper will have none of that. She is resolved to make it through.

The first episode of Orange is the New Black focuses on her first couple of days in the slammer. She meets her cell mates: a very forward lesbian, an old Jewish woman and a lady dying of cancer. A cheerful place to call home, indeed.

At her first lunch in the mess hall (is that what they are called in prison?), Piper makes the mistake of insulting the food. The head prison chef, Red, takes offense and serves her a bloody Mctampon for breakfast the next morning.

This entree sends Piper into a panic attack. What could help Piper in a moment like this? A friendly, familiar face maybe. How about the face of her ex-girlfriend, Alex (Laura Prepon)? Uh yeah, that probably makes things worse.

Orange is the new black alex

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What did Eric Foreman do to you?

Prison Beefs and Favors

1. What is up with the mother and daughter duo? I am interested in exploring how they arrived and why they hate each other.

2. Why would Alex and Piper end up in the same facility? I am not a prison expert, but I thought that was unlikely in most cases. It seems that, if she did in fact rat on Piper, they would want to keep them separated.

3. Yoga Jones is Patti Mayonnaise! Did anyone else catch that?

4. There seem to be a lot of interesting characters in this show and there are a lot of flashbacks in between the present story. Hopefully, we will find out more about each character. With episodes running around an hour and potential multiple character arcs, Kohan seems to be reaching for the stars. Who do you find the most interesting so far? Let us know in the comments.

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