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Recap: It’s Always Sunny… S09E04 ‘Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare’

Recap: It’s Always Sunny… S09E04 ‘Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare’

This week on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Homemade Videos, Professional Wrestlers, and Playground Equipment

A quick recap

‘Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare’ begins with Dee trying to sell Invigaron, a type of health supplement, containing berries that allow alpacas in the Andes to survive winter. Charlie becomes obsessed with the magical properties of these berries, while Dennis and Mac insult Dee for getting scammed. Charlie and Dee go visit Frank for business advice, where he is trapped, in his undies, inside a children’s playground coil. Frank advises them to dupe someone else (like Ben the solider).

Mac and Dennis get got by the Invigaron dude, by buying three timeshares from him. Meanwhile, Charlie and Dee hold a sales presentation for Ben the solider at Paddy’s. The Maniac also drifts into Paddy’s, due to Charlie’s enticement of free soup. Ben is confused, and the Maniac is even more confused, as he takes the Invigaron and rambles out the door.

rowdy roddy piper as the Maniac

courtesy of FX

Mac and Dennis visit Frank in the coil, trying to pawn off the timeshares. Frank suggests that they try to dupe Ben the solider, so they plan a presentation for him at their home; the Maniac, somehow, finds his way there and invites himself in. Ben’s not interested, however the Maniac is totally down to barter some Invigaron. Upon Frank’s advice, Mac & Dennis and Charlie & Dee break into Ben the solider’s house, with the explicit purpose of triggering his PTSD, in order to get him to buy the Invigaron.

The gang figures that Frank has been scamming them this whole time, and the coil has been merely a distraction. They rush down to the Invigaron sales office, where they pay the Invigaron dude more money to take back the timeshares and berries. The Maniac shows up, having sold all of Dee’s Invigaron to Ben the solider’s platoon, and he’s currently still living with Mac and Dennis, under the assumption that its a timeshare.

The gang is convinced that Frank was the mastermind behind the entire scam, off somewhere, enjoying the fruits of his scheming.  Sadly, Frank has no scheme; he just got himself stuck in the coil, and now it’s Saturday and there’s kids everywhere.

Charlie day as Charlie Kelly

courtesy of FX

My top 5 favorite moments

1. Charlie’s impression of Frank

Charlie Day has knack for voices. His “Pacino” was my favorite, until last week’s wonderful “Randy Newman.” This week, Charlie busts out his “Frank” when trying to explain to Dee why Frank went to playground in the middle of the night.

2. The return of the Maniac

Rowdy Roddy Piper shows up again as wrestler/crazy homeless person, the Maniac. Mac and Dennis try to activate Ben’s PTSD by making loud, sudden noises. It doesn’t work on Ben, but the Maniac freaks out. He explains, “Sometimes, loud noises makes the squirrels go in my head, and I don’t fight in the ring anymore, but I still fight with the demons in the Maniac’s head.”

3. Dee and Charlie’s homemade sales video

Anytime that the gang makes a homemade VHS tape, its gold. Charlie appears as Andy, owner of his own mountain, where he is a magic bean farmer. His explanation of the pyramid scheme was particularly enjoyable. The poor editing is a big reason why these DIY movies by the gang are so funny. At the end of the tape, there’s leftover footage from, “America’s Next Top Paddy’s Billboard Model Contest”, “Mac’s Banging the Waitress”, and “The Gang Runs for Office”.

4. Exploiting a soldier’s PTSD for financial gains

This seems pretty offensive, even by the show’s very high standards. Dennis’ rapey vibe, with his implications and all, can be rather cringe inducing. But if subversive humor is your game, then making fun of soldiers’ PTSD should place you squarely in the lead. It turns out that Ben doesn’t actually have PTSD (he even liked being the military). Plus, the gang are the only ones who really suffer, so it all works out.

 5. Frank in the coil

This is my favorite part of this episode. The running gag of an almost-naked Danny DeVito trapped in playground coil just never stops being funny. Dennis “assumes he went down there to pound off in the night time.” While Frank’s trapped, he chastises Mac and Dennis for getting scammed; Dennis screams, “I didn’t come here to be criticized by a man in a coil!”

Mac and dennis visit Frank in the coil

courtesy of FX

Why was Frank in that coil, anyway?

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