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Recap: Archer S05E02 – A Kiss While Dying

Recap: Archer S05E02 – A Kiss While Dying

“A Kiss While Dying” brings sharp writing to a new setting

Twists and turns, twists and turns. This season of Archer is going to be something, isn’t it? This week’s episode saw the return of three characters from the first season and I can safely say I’ve never been so excited to hear Ron Perlman’s voice again.

Ramon, Charles and Rudy returned for one hell of a South Beach coke deal. “A Kiss While Dying” began with the gang determining how they were going to get some coke out to a buyer in Miami. Naturally, it was to put Pam in a full body cast made of cocaine. Naturally. And so Archer, the pregnant Lana and Pam fly to Florida where they intend to meet Mallory’s contact. Do note that at the time, the three did not know who the contact was and have never dealt coke before. But Archer convinces Lana that because of their skill sets as spies, they’re sort of a cross between the A-Team and Scarface. And after this if that doesn’t become a show, I will have lost faith in humanity.

Mr. T points at you

Photo courtesy of Universal Television

Mr. T pities the fool who doesn’t want to see him dealing Columbian cocaine

The whole time the two are discussing this, Pam is eating the cocaine in mass from her casts. As Archer explained, sweating helped the cocaine transfer through her pores when she had the casts on. She knocks Archer out in a fight over the last cast and Archer ends up with a head wound the rest of the episode. One episode into Archer Vice and someone is already addicted to cocaine.

Archer and Lana meet up with Ramon Limon, the homosexual ex-Cuban spy who apparently now owns a small business. He tells the gang that he knows who will be supplying the money and that they can trust him. However, he informs Lana and Archer that no weapons are allowed at the deal. There are a few funny wisecracks about Archer seeming to trust Ramon a little too much by Lana, but everyone agrees and heads out to the deal.

Archer loads a gun in "A Kiss While Dying"

Photo courtesy of FX

He didn’t bring these bad boys. Or even his crotch gun.

Turns out Charles and Rudy are the clients and they bring the money and a fondue set as payment. There is some bickering about the payment, namely a few forks missing from the fondue set and the reason that the cocaine casts smell like shit, but the deals seems to be a go until Rudy and Charles double cross Archer and take the money, the coke and the fondue set (not the fondue set!). Archer wants his money back and forces Ramon to show him where Rudy and Charles stay to go get his money.

Archer shows the goods in "A Kiss While Dying"

Photo courtesy of FX

Naturally, Archer and the gang are too dumb to think to break the cocaine down from the cast.

From there the episode speeds up quite a bit. There is a gunfight in the house, leaving Rudy and Charles dead and Ramon mortally wounded. Ramon has one dying wish: a kiss from Archer. Which Lana and Pam happen to see. Classic. We learn later that the three staged the deaths to make off with the cocaine while giving Archer and Lana fake money. The first deal went utterly unsuccessfully.

Say what you will about Archer Vice, but the episodes seem a lot denser with exposition. The jokes are funny and timely, but the episodes feel like they go places faster and the plot feels a lot more focused. Show writer Adam Reed seems to have hit a stride, reaching a perfect middle ground between comedy and plot. I’m looking forward to more drug deals this season with the ex-Isis gang.

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