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Recap: Arrow – The Calm

Recap: Arrow  – The Calm

“A Man Cannot Live By Two Names” – Arrow returns with ‘The Calm


Arrow’s 3rd season begins with the same old crew chasing bad guys. As it seems, since we last saw our friends, they have streamlined their operation and things are going pretty smoothly. Oliver is still broke and Felicity is slaving away at a tech store, but they are all making it work. Diggle is happily expecting a baby any day now and Roy is a more involved sidekick with Thea is out of town. Detective Lance is now Captain Lance and he holds a press conference vowing to be on Arrow’s side.

Things quickly start to unravel as we realize that someone is after Oliver in a big way. To top it off, his company is being overtaken by a pretty boy who sells better than him. Nothing is all that damaging to him though as he has this new love with Felicity Smoak to explore. As he and Felicity start off their first date with some heavy conversation, Werner Zytle, a new and much more manacing than the previous Count, is preparing a rocket to head straight for them in the restaurant. People die and Felicity is knocked out. Back at the lair, Oliver realizes that he and Felicity cannot be a couple because she might get hurt. He finds his nemesis only to be drugged and thoroughly confused as he hallucinates fighting himself. Somewhere in the mix, Barry Allen shows up to get some advise from Oliver. If we remember, he came to Starling City to try to find out more about the men who killed his mother and framed his father. He tells Oliver that he is struggling with becoming a hero and some advice is given. They exchange “cools” as they watch the other take off with their powers.

Diggle is not allowed to go after the bad guy since he has a baby on the way. Ever since the restaurant pretty much exploded, Oliver is not too keen on anyone putting themselves in harm’s way, especially a soon-to-be daddy. He heads off to locate the villain and ends up on a roof somewhere with his villain again to duke it out and Felicity gets to the hospital where the pretty boy who is stepping into Oliver’s shoes has somehow tracked her just to offer her a job. Oliver starts off his villain fight like he might be able to hold his own, but he gets drugged again and has a hard time concentrating. Just about the time Oliver is surely about to die, Sara shows up to save the day. Oliver heads off to the hospital to meet Diggle’s new baby and break up with Felicity. Diggle thanks Ollie for keeping him out on the sidelines because now he realizes that his child is more important. Back on the roof, Sara chats with Laurel and just after they go their separate ways, Sara is arrowed by someone she knows and falls to her death.

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In this week’s flashbacks, we learn Oliver was not on the island during his entire time away from Starling City. He races through Hong Kong trying to escape his captors, but fails. He ends up being held in close quarters by a small family. His handlers doesn’t want to keep him there, but has been threatened with his family’s death.


As an obsessive follower of the show, I can appreciate the struggle Oliver has with his hero life and personal life, but it’s a little annoying that he won’t date Felicity but will still let her work for him (which we have seen in the past is still extremely dangerous). Count Vertigo is the perfect villain. Don’t even bother with trying to fight first and then play dirty. Just start off dirty and poison the guy so that he has immediate hallucinations and then just tear him up. Clean and quick.

Although Arrow is intriguing and definitely does a good job of creating a moving story, I wasn’t surprised to see Arrow meet up with his villain at some warehouse only to have the villain get away, then find him again, chase him and then fight on a rooftop, usually ending in Arrow’s victory. They even meet and chat on rooftops constantly. Always in the dark. Always facing the camera. The view is nice, yes, but let’s see something else. A house. A car. A museum. Something new. Also, Roy is extremely boring so far. Hopefully they will beef up his story a little more in the coming episodes. And my only wish for this season on a personal level is not to watch Felicity pining away for Oliver. Move on, girl. Pretty boy is cuter.

It is only the first episode of a new season, so we may see quite a bit get shaken up this season. The cliffhanger end with Black Canary getting arrowed to death (from a rooftop) is sure to keep us watching and waiting to see who has shown up. A guy from Oliver’s Hong Kong adventures? Another islander? Even if Arrow has a few hangups, one thing is certain. I’ll be tuning in next week because I can’t wait to see what happens next.



Acting – 5 stars
Story – 4 stars
Production – 3 stars
Writing – 3.5 stars

Overall – 4 stars

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