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Recap: The Goldbergs – You’re Under Foot

Recap: The Goldbergs – You’re Under Foot

Pops Refuses to Give Up on His Store

This recap contains spoilers. You have been warned!

This week’s The Goldbergs begins with a sweet 80’s like montage, showing how young at heart Pops is.  We then see Pops in the kitchen, bugging Beverly to go with him to get Billy Joel tickets.  We learn that he has nothing to do, because all of his elderly friends are off in Florida, running away from the winter weather.  Beverly, who doesn’t want her dad getting in the way of her motherly duties, talks to Murray about taking Pops to work with him.  Murray half ass tries to get Pops to go with him, after reminding Bev that Pops has been retired for 10 years.  After Bev gives Murray the evil bitch wife eye, he convinces Pops to go to the furniture store.

Billy Joel

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The Piano Man himself!

Later, at the furniture store, we see Pops trying to adjust to how things have changed since he left. He immediately falls back into the ball busting with Vick and Murray, then asks about the computers used to keep the books, and wonders what happened to Sheila, the book keeper.  Murray informs Pops that he fired her for stealing from the store, and Pops lets Murray know, that was the price you pay for getting to look at great gams all day.  Murray then pulls Vick to the side, and tells him to keep Pops busy and out of the way, as he tends to get under foot.  We then see Adam riding bikes with his neighborhood crush, Dana Caldwell.  Ahh, Dana Caldwell, with her beautiful side ponytail locks, tossing around in the wind. Her sleeveless, puffy vest, bouncing as she pedals her bike with a basket big enough to carry E.T.’s entire planet.  Who wouldn’t be enamored at such beauty and awkwardness?  After a bike race down their street, Dana says it is time for her to go home, so she can write her report on To Kill A Mockingbird.  Adam then lets her know he has something that has saved many a 80s kid’s ass, something every procrastinating kid in the 80s put to good use,  the Cliffs Notes!  They head back to Adam’s room to retrieve the book, where Adam attempts to woo Dana with a gang bang of awesome shit. First he tries magic, which every kid in the 80s dabbled in a bit.  Then he hits her with the great toy trifecta! Transformers, He-man, and GI Joe! Talk about taking me back to some of the best years of my life!  I lived for those toys.  I would ask for He-man and Transformer action figures for Christmas, my Birthday, Easter, or any other chance I got.  I would buy GI Joes with money I earned from helping my dad at various side jobs he worked to scrape by.  Then, I would trade them.  It became an obsession, and would lead to my first few fist fights of my childhood.  Anywho, Dana doesn’t seem as interested as I was, and tells Adam that it is time for her to go.
Cliffs Notes

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CliffsNotes! AKA, the Ass Saver!
Back at the store,  Murray walks in and sees that Pops is using gimmicks to sell furniture, like the ole “Going Out of Business” signs and trying to make the store into a lounge with free coffee and cigars.  Murray has to remind Pops that furniture’s worst enemy is coffee and smoke.  Murray then gets onto Vick, asking him why they weren’t in the back, playing Gin Rummy all day.  Vick then has to remind Murray how Pops is not like most geriatric old shits,  Pops is full of energy. Back at the house, Barry and Erica are trying to school Adam on where he went wrong, and why he couldn’t close the kiss.  They tell him that no one could score in a room like his.  They tell him he has too many toys, and has to get rid of them.  Barry says that it is time to grow up, get a waterbed and a samurai sword to hang above it, and start wearing smell goods like Drakkar Noir (they still make that nostril hair singeing shit!).  Barry then teaches Adam that you never apply Drakkar Noir on your skin, you mist…then walk through that mist.  Meanwhile, downstairs, Murray is home and after taking off his pants and sitting in his chair, he lets Beverly know that the reason he smells like smoke, is because her dad tried to turn his store into a lounge.  She then thanks him for taking Pops to work, and Murray says she can thank him with shrimp parm, extra shrimp and extra parm.  She reminds him that it was just one day, or so they all thought.  The next day, Murray walks into work, only to discover that Pops has taken over his office.
Drakkar Noir

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The Axe of the 80’s!
Back at the house, after 5 trips, Adam has now packed up all of his toys to give away.  He heads over to Dana’s house, trying to impress her, by showing her that he has outgrown all of his toys. He decides to give them to Dana’s brother, who tosses them aside like they were Hydrox cookies in a pile of Oreos.  Dana invites Adam in for his kind gesture, but not before Adam threatens her little brother about abusing the gift he has just given him.  Adam then heads inside with Dana.  Back at the store, Pops tries to convince Murray to run a commercial for the store.  Instead of making an expensive commercial, Pops suggests they just use an old ad, with a much younger/dapper Pops, that was made in a Mad Men themed era.  An era where men looked at women as just eye candy, sex objects, and housewives.  Murray shoots the idea down, and proclaims that he cannot believe that a commercial like that was ever allowed to air. He makes Pops agree that they will not do the whole commercial thing.  Cut to the next day, Pops is at the store with a commercial shooting crew, and in a straight jacket.  Murray is obviously upset.  Pops pitches him the idea that he is “Crazy Al” and is slashing prices.  Murray tells him to send the camera crew home, but it is too late, Pops has already paid for the commercial.  Murray begs Pops to take off the jacket and go home.  Pops reminds Murray that he is a 51% owner of the store, and he gets to make the call to do the commercial.  Back at the house, Beverly walks in on Adam pumping some iron in his now naked room.  Bev asks Adam what happened to all of his toys.  Adam lets her know that he has outgrown all of those toys, and is fine with it.  After smelling the Drakkar Noir, which Bev calls “Barry’s smell”, she puts two and two together, and realizes that the elder siblings had something to do with Adams love sacrifices. After grounding the two elders for a year, Bev heads over to Dana’s house, where her little brother is playing with all of the toys in the front yard by himself (Amber Alert waiting to happen…only pre Amber Alert!). Bev asks to speak to his mother, and while he is inside, she begins throwing all of the toys into the station wagon.  She doesn’t finish in time, stumbles on the GI Joe map, and out walks Dana’s mom.  Bev rushes off, saying she should come over for brunch sometime.
He Man!

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Chafed nuts have to be an issue when you ride around on a green tiger in your underwear!
Back at the store, Pops has realized the errs of his ways.  He apologizes to Murray, and explains he is having a hard time always being under foot, and the store made him feel like he matters again.  Murray says he matters, and can come in once a week if he wants, after Pops gives him the other 2%, making him the majority owner.  Back at the Goldberg house, Dana is at the door, with a box full of the remaining toys that Adam gave to her brother.  She says that his mom is not so crazy, and that her mom would have done the same thing if she gave away all of her Care Bears.  Adam realizes that he didn’t scare her off with his love for toys. Dana explains that she left because she got nervous, as she thought they were going to kiss.  A delighted Adam, takes his box of toys, thanks Dana, shuts the door and starts playing with his toys immediately.  After a few seconds, he realizes that he has once again mucked up his chance to first base.  Back at the store, Pops is getting used to his cool new Commodore 64, and claims it is even better than a female bookkeeper.  Vick runs in the office and tells Murray that they have a tough customer. Murray gives Pops the ole eye, and asks “are you coming?”  At the house, we see Adam playing with Megatron and Optimus Prime, with Murray knocking on the door, yelling at him to get dressed.  We then see the actual Adam Goldberg’s home video, of him playing with Megatron, and his dad knocking on the door, yelling at him to get dressed.  The episode closes with “Murray the Maniac”, trying to shoot the commercial for the store. He is very upset that they closed the store for the day, after enduring the multiple takes that most every actor knows oh so well.
Old School Computer

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Your font color options are green and green!
This episode was pretty cool to me.  It reminded me of the influence I saw growing up in the 80’s, that my mom’s dad (my Papa) had influence on my own dad.  Too much influence in fact.  They both liked to run around in their underwear, and often, when they thought the kids were asleep. I cannot tell you how many times I have accidentally seen my own dads meat twinkie.

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