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Recap: The Legend of Korra – After All These Years

Recap: The Legend of Korra – After All These Years

Book Four of The Legend of Korra is here, and you won’t believe what’s happened ‘After all These Years’

While it’s only been a month since the season finale of Book 3, it’s been 3 years for our favorite characters. That’s right: Team Avatar have been separated for 3 years now, all doing their own thing. But now, with a new threat on the rise, the team will have to get back together. First they’ll need The Avatar herself, Korra.


We start off with a quick recap of what happened in Republic City since we last saw it. With the help of Asami and her company Republic City has been able to thrive, now fully embracing the spirit wilds and building new modes of transportation. We go to a press conference where President Raiko re-opens the new Central City Train Station, along with Asami. Later Asami is approached by Prince Wu, the new heir to the Earth Kingdom throne. He hits on Asami, and tries to ask her on a date, with no success. Mako interrupts to telling Wu that President Raiko wishes to speak with him. Mako and Asami catch up, Mako tells Asami that Korra will be coming in tonight. Prince Wu, President Raiko, Tenzin, and Lin Beifong have a talk over the ongoing situation happening in the Earth Kingdom. President Raiko assures Wu that Kuvira has most of the Earth Kingdom stabilized by now.


Meanwhile, in the Earth Kingdom, some bandits steal from a woman’s shop, they are stopped by Opal and Kai, now in a new airbender flying suit. They capture the bandits and then they are met by the governor, who comes out to thank them. He asks if anymore airbenders are with them to help them fight off all of the bandits, to which the two tell the governor that the airbending nation is spread thin at the moment, and that they are all they have.


Elsewhere, a train carrying Kuvira and her army is traveling through the Earth Kingdom. Along on the train is Bolin, Varrick, Zhu Li and Baatar Jr., Suyin’s oldest son. Bolin gives the news to Kuvira that two more Earth Kingdom states have agreed to join them. As Kuvira fills in the map showing all of the Earth Kingdom territories she has annexed. Suddenly the train stops as it’s revealed that bandits have blocked to tracks. Kuvira insists that she handles them herself as she goes outside the train to take care of the bandits. She quickly captures all of the bandits by binding their hands and feet using the metal plates on her uniform. She orders them all to either pledge their allegiance to her or she will leave them on the tracks to be run over. All the bandits swear their loyalty to Kuvira.


Back in Republic City, Mako is escorting Prince Wu out of the hotel. Outside, a crowd has gathered, half of which support Prince Wu and half of which disapprove. Prince Wu goes to take pictures with his supporters when Mako notices a few suspicious people in the crowd. Mako rushes to guard Prince Wu and take him into their limousine, as the three suspicious crowd members throw pie at them. Mako notices that they must have been Kuvira supporters.


We go back to Opal and Kai who notice a train coming into town. Bolin exits the train and is greeted by Kai and Opal. Kuvira and Baatar exit and greet Opal. Opal isn’t pleased to see her brother or Kuvira, and tells them that they betrayed their mother (for yet unknown reasons). Kuvira assures Opal that they are here to help the town, but Opal doesn’t agree with how Kuvira helps people – by conquering them. Kuvira tells Opal that they are doing this for the good of the people, and reveals that she and Baatar are now engaged to be married.

The governor arrives to ask why Kuvira is here, Kuvira asks to speak with the governor privately. Kuvira tries to get the governor to agree to her terms and sign over control of the state, but the governor refuses. Kuvira threatens that it’s only a matter of time till bandits take over his state, and that this is the only way to save the lives of his citizens. The governor gets mad and orders Kuvira to leave. Kuvira orders her guards to get ready to leave. Kai tries to get Kuvira to stay and help, but she tells him that they are not wanted here and gives Kai the contract and tells him that if the governor signs they’ll come back and help. Opal tries to get Bolin to stay, but he tells her that there is nothing he can do if the governor doesn’t want their help. He tries to give Opal a goodbye hug, but she pushes him away and tells him to leave then. As the train takes off Kai says they can still help get food and supplies into town using his sky bison, Lefty.


Kai and Opal go to nearby farmers to ask for food, they get enough and fly back to Yi. Along the way the two discuss relationship problems as Opal tell Kai that she’s having problems with Bolin, while Kai informs Opal that him and Jinora are doing fine. Suddenly an airship arrives carrying bandits. A man comes out and starts to cut the straps holding the supplies. Kai tries to get the bandit off but the bandit is able to strike Kai, cutting his suit. The bandit makes away with the supplies as Kai tries to go after him, but his suit is cut. Opal flies down to rescue Kai, but the bandits get away. They fly back to Yi, where the governor meets them, Kai tells the governor that it might be time for him to make a tough call, and gives him the contract Kuvira left him. The governor signs, to which Kai tells him he’s making the right decision. The governor says he never really had a choice.


We go to Air Temple Island, where everybody is awaiting for Korra’s return. We get to see all of the airbending kids now all grown up. Mello tells Ikki that Korra won’t even recognize him anymore. Meanwhile, Mako and Lin are overhearing Prince Wu talk to President Raiko. Mako tells Lin that he can’t wait till he’s done with Prince Wu and he can go back to being a detective. Lin gives him the unfortunate news that President Raiko has ordered him to stay with Wu to be his full-time body-guard. They are interrupted by an Air Acolyte who informs them that a southern water tribe ship is nearing their dock. The group run to go greet Korra.


Meanwhile, Kuvira and her army have arrived back in Yi to give supplies and food to the citizens. She asks for the governor to swear his allegiance to her as long as he wishes to stay as governor. He reluctantly agrees, and swears his loyalty to Kuvira. As Kuvira’s banner drops now declaring this place under her command, the citizens rejoice as Opal looks on sad and retreats.

Back on Air Temple island a ship has arrived. Naga and Tonraq exit the ship to meet everybody. Tenzin tells Tonraq that they are so happy to finally see Korra again. Tonraq is surprised and informs them that Korra left the South Pole six months ago, and told him that she was here, and had been sending him letters. Tenzin assures Tonraq that Korra isn’t there as the two are left wondering where Korra is. Elsewhere, it is revealed that Korra is at an underground fighting arena, where she loses her fight. Afterwards the manager arrives to give Korra her cut, and tells her that she looks familiar and says she looks like the Avatar. Korra says she gets that a lot, as the man asks what happened to her. Korra says, she wouldn’t know. (Holy Shit! WTF Happened?)



Holy Shit! How am I supposed to go on after that cliff hanger; the wait till next episode is going to be a long one. Anyways, what a great episode, the team did a great job of setting up this new season. A three-year jump was a bold move, but it makes sense as Korra was going to need time to heal from her injuries from last season. It’s sad to think that Team Avatar have been separated for three whole years. I hope it doesn’t take too long to get the whole gang back together. Kuvira was the spotlight of this episode, this episode was mostly devoted to setting her up as the villain, even though I would have rather had them set her up as a good guy, who would eventually be revealed to be evil, rather than have her obviously evil from the start. Either way she looks like she’s going to be a great antagonist for Korra and I can’t wait for them to meet. I heard that next episode is going to be devoted to Korra and what has happened to her over the last three years. I can’t wait to see what’s happened and why she has given up her identity as the Avatar. This week is going to kill me.

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