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SNF: Shane Botwin Vs. Carl Grimes

SNF: Shane Botwin Vs. Carl Grimes

Sunday Night Fights Presents When Good Kids With Bad Mothers Get Homicidal: Shane Botwin Vs. Carl Grimes

In this weeks edition of SNF we pick two hardened juveniles, raised in some fairly extreme environments, who aren’t afraid to kill – Shane Botwin (Weeds) vs. Carl Grimes (The Walking Dead). Though one kills for survival and the other for pleasure, neither one of these kids are just any geek off the street, and are pretty handy with the steel, if you know what I mean. We got the writers together to see what would happen in this clash of pint-sized pugilists and answer the question; Who would win in a fight – Shane Botwin or Carl Grimes? Fighters ready… ? Begin!

In the corner for Carl..


Brett Robison: I don’t watch the zombie soap opera known as The Walking Dead, but I do know one thing: this Carl guy has to deal with MOTHER FUCKING WALKERS (look at me knowing stuff about things!). Case. Closed.

No further discussion.

Aaron Claycomb: Carl. And that’s hard for me to say too because I’m such a Weeds fan.

P.W. Cassady: A knock down drag out for sure. Both are ruthless, but Shane is more impulsive, where as Carl seems to be more calculating. While I believe Shane would fare very well in the apocalypse, he is untested. Carl wins by decision.


…and in the corner for Shane.


Kyle Bufkin: Carl is missing an eye (in the comics) and missed his last attempted kill. Shane kills Pilars with croquet mallets and eventually grows a mustache. Shane=more ninja. Shane Bot-F-T-Win!

Lauren Paz: I’m going to go with Shane. I don’t know a ton about Carl, but I have seen him in action. Shane is just plain effed up. He will make Carl think they are cool, another boy that likes weapons and he can relate to. Then Shane will snap and be like, hey, you’re dead. And you may be a good fighter but I like to attack people when they don’t expect it. Mallets for everyone.

Stanton Brasher:  Carl is a tough cookie for sure; having to kill people that he loved as they turn to zombies. He is a born leader with protective instincts and a good shot.

Shane, however, is a little broken. He took a croquet mallet to the head of Mexican Cartel Overlord, Pilar, and had no problem brandishing a gun against two known hitmen in public. He has negative fucks to give (unless it’s in an underage 3-way with goth chicks) and he masturbates to pictures of his own mother. Plus, his uncle occasionally takes him to brothels. Carl just doesn’t have the experience to beat Shane.

Roseanna Nicholson: This one is tough. Both have killed, but Shane is the cold-blooded one. Having no moral qualms about hurting someone means he DGAF if he hurts Rick’s pride and joy. Carl would struggle with whether or not he should hurt Shane giving Shane the chance to whack him with a mallet (or a stick or whatever) while Carl is still checking his conscience


And a very interesting draw scenario…


Aaron Metzger: Okay, so really.Stalemate. Shane might win the first battle, but then Zombie Carl (since everyone is infected) would come back and wreak havoc on Shane’s emotions (he’d be thinking about his dead father coming back to life the whole time). Zombie Carl would then eat part of Shane’s face, and they’d both be zombies. Then what? They just bump into each other for a couple years.
tl;dr. both die, become zombies, then boredom.



Shane Botwin


Carl can hold his own against walkers, but he’s just not ready or this amount of crazy.

But now it’s your turn. Do you agree with the verdict? Or do you think the kid that killed his mom would stand a better chance than the kid that just simply masturbates to his mom? Vote in the poll below and let us know why in the comments!


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