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Sons of Anarchy Finale Recap: The Crow’s Flight Path Takes a Detour

Sons of Anarchy Finale Recap: The Crow’s Flight Path Takes a Detour

In the Sons of Anarchy Finale, Tara Learns the Hard Way that You are SAMCRO for Life

So Tara’s dead. And not just dead, but murdered in such an overwhelmingly violent fashion. Since she decided to start faking pregnancies and so forth, Tara had been counting her days, and this Sons of Anarchy finale all but served her up on a platter. Nero dumped Gemma, sending her into a hysterical fit. Plus, everything was about to work out just a little too perfectly for Tara, Thomas, and Abel. This is not a happy show with happy endings. Ask the turtle dove that gets obliterated right before the opening credits.

Gemma kills tara

courtesy of FX

I braced myself for a clean and dignified bullet to the back of the skull, something quick and painless. Nothing could have prepared me for the massively shocking nature of Tara’s murder. At least Opie and Piney were in the mayhem game; Tara’s not completely innocent, but she mostly just wanted to give her boys a chance at a peaceful life and play doctor with Jax. The implications of her death are huge. Jax has never been the most consistent dude, but what will happen to his state of mind now? He was never gonna spend the rest of the series in prison, but how is he gonna get out of it? What’s gonna happen when he finds out that it was Gemma in the kitchen with a butcher knife… and a sink full of water… and an iron. God damn, that death was brutal.

Are Gemma, Juice, and Wendy going to run off and join the circus? Probably not. The smart money says that by this time next year, they’ll all be dead. This seventh and final season will no doubt be a wild and bloody ride. Is the show gonna kill Abel and Thomas in the last episode?

If having your wife murdered and a felony weapons charge hanging over your head weren’t enough, young Jackson now finds himself with one less friend and one new enemy in Nero. Jax’s less than amazing foresight didn’t predict the clusterfuck that would result in all of his cute dealings with the Irish, August Marks’ organization, the Chinese, and the newly fortified Hispanic contingent. I mean, it’s not like altering the entire landscape of northern California’s gangland politics would be a big deal. Aside from the outside pressure for Nero to distance himself from the MC, Juice spilled the Mexican jumping beans to Nero regarding Dave Navarro’s old lady’s murder.

With Tara dead and Nero effectively the enemy, this television program took a pretty dark turn, even by Kurt Sutter’s sadistic standards. At times, the plots are convoluted, the characters are poorly developed, and Mr. Sutter’s no time limit rule have ruined the pacing of many of these episodes. That said, this run of episodes over the past few weeks has gotten me more emotionally invested than I’ve been in good long while. Granted, those emotions are anger, despair, and frustration, but at least I feel something, which is kind of the whole point.

Jax and Opie in the Sons of Anarchy finale

courtesy of FX

For instance, Opie’s death never felt like it had the weight it deserved. Jax just put an Opie patch on his cutte, like people with American flag bumper stickers to support the troops. One of the finale’s few nice moments came when Jax delivers his confessional at Opie’s grave, rather than John Teller’s.

Poor decision making and bad leadership on Jax’s part got Opie killed. What makes all of Tara’s suffering extra excruciating is that she almost always did the right thing. The worst thing she did was favor her children’s safety over a life filled with violence and suffering. At the end of seasons three, four, and now six, Jax has tried to get his family out of Charming and away from the sphere of hate that surrounds the MC.

Shirtless Jax Watch

Jax and Tara bang

courtesy of FX

No shirtless Jax in this particular Sons of Anarchy finale; however, Tara and Jax did bang (off camera) one last time. It was probably really tender. One they they’ll be banging again… in heaven.

Perhaps in hell? Except, they don’t let you bang your hot wife in hell. In hell, you have to bang Otto every single night.

That was an exhausting season, and I’m still totally mourning the loss of the beautiful Dr. Knowles, but I am rather looking forward to rubbernecking the shit out this next final season.

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