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Stephen King drops force fields and bombs in episode 1 of “Under the Dome”

Stephen King drops force fields and bombs in episode 1 of “Under the Dome”

“The stars are falling in line.”

Not since the first episode of “Lost,” have I been utterly prepared to take a joy ride into the dark tunnels of some telauteur’s mind.

“Lost,” of course, was given to us by J.J. Abrams. The first episode started with a bang. The kind of bang that knocks a plane out of the sky (as opposed to the kind I did to your mom last night–yeah, you reading this). From the first explosion and the downward spin of the plane to the questions clinging to each character, the show was intriguing because it never revealed too much without leaving the audience with a whole plethora of new inquiries.

David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” is often cited as a gateway show to Abrams’ island mystery. Lynch’s town of dark and surreal characters with branches of endless stories growing from their twisted roots paved the way for “absurdist mystery.” I put that in quotes because I said it out loud as I was typing this. Don’t laugh, you do it too.

But wait… Before the show that I named my wife’s boobs after, there was another program that’s sole purpose was to mind-molest the audience: “The Twilight Zone.” No, there were no vampires in this one. Go away 16-year-old girl.

In the vain of these shows, Stephen King has brought one of his most popular books to life on the small screen with “Under the Dome.”

“Dome” is about a small town that gets trapped under a giant electronic cereal bowl. If you saw “The Simpsons Movie” you know what I am talking about.

*********Spoilers Ahead-You’ve Been Warned-Don’t Cry********


1. Why is the city councilman (Dean Norris of “Breaking Bad”) stock piling propane? Also, shouldn’t he buy it from Hank Hill if his name is also Hank in another show?

2. What’s up with Switch Blade Emo Boy and why does he look so much like Andy Samberg?

3. I am sure this is to be explained, but why doesn’t anybody grab a damn shovel? It seems like the next logical thing to at least try.

4. Norrie Calvert (Mackenzie Lintz) is only in 11 of the 13 episodes. Is she going to die?

5. Why does Amblin keep trying to make shows?

6. How come King can’t occasionally be credited as “Uncle Steve?”

7. What is up with the seizures?

Other things:

1. Dean Norris’ character looks like he will have a fun evolution. At the beginning of the episode, he is noble and concerned with the city. By the end, you see his personal agenda is really driving his actions.

2. Jeff Fahey is always awesome. He only appears in two episodes and has a heart attack at the end of the first one. Don’t expect him to stick around too long.

3. It seems like the protagonist, Barbie (Mike Vogel), is actually dangerous. I think he is already in Bed with the councilman.

This show is definitely suspenseful and looks like it will be a good Monday night mind rape. Except, if you are like me, you can’t rape the willing.

“Under the Dome” comes on Monday nights on CBS.


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  • I thought for sure that being a S King series that it would have a lot more depth at the end of the first episode. I understand the concept of “leave em wanting more” but you have to give them something to want. It’s not bad, but it is starting out very loose and not really giving me much to get into. Like many series now days, it started you right in the middle of things and expects you to stay to find out all the details.

    Yeah, well as much as I like “Defiance” I still don’t know anything about the so called war, or why there are so many alien races, and what’s with the terraforming? Who did that? Why is there a ring of half destroyed ships orbiting around the Earth. I’ve gone almost a whole season now and know nothing about the history of this world.

    Don’t drop me in the middle of things and expect me to stick around until you decide to let me in on what’s going on.

    I will give it my usual 3-4 episodes before I totally poop on it.

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