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Sunday Night Fights: Jules Winnfield vs. Django

Sunday Night Fights: Jules Winnfield vs. Django

In this week’s rendition of SFN’s Sunday Night Fights, the bout will take on a distinctly awesome Tarantinian form. Before now, you’ve seen epic battles that have included the likes of Han Solo, Captain Kirk, Iron Man, Samus Aran and, hell, even Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. But, not until now has there been a matchup that pits two of Quentin Tarantino’s most undisputably bad ass characters against one another….

Sofa King News presents:

Drum roll…….

Jules “Bad Mother Fucker” Winnfield (Pulp Fiction) vs. D-J-A-N-G-O “The D is Silent” Django (Django Unchained)

THE RUNDOWN: Jules Winnfield, our philosophy spittin’, swagger havin’, remorselessly brutal man from Inglewood fears no one, thinks quickly on his feet, and, obviously, makes no bones about takin’ care of business. Django, having been freed by the bounty hunter-disguised-as-dentist Dr. King Schulz, has some business to take care of himself. Unarguably the quickest to the draw of the gun in modern movies, Django, like Jules, will do anything to eliminate what stands in his path.

Here’s what our writers had to say:


Thomas Duder: “ANNNNNNND I opt out. Both are resourceful badasses, and this comes up to a real godforsaken draw for me. Django has his own theme song, Jules has his wallet. Both save and kill, and both get a happy ending.

Just…no. I’m at a draw for once.



P.W. Cassady: “I love Jules Winnfield; he’s my main man in Inglewood. But really, where’s the skill in executing Brad (and his big brain) and Flock of Seagulls? And then, he spends the rest of the movie extolling the virtues of a peaceful life. Okay, so there’s that, and we’re led to believe he spends the rest of that life walking the earth, like a bum. So there’s that on top, then. Django, on the other hand, does have an incredibly badass theme song. He also shoots like 50 white people during the span of that other song: the glorious 2pac/James Brown/Morriconie mashup. By the end of Django’s djourney, he had transformed into a magnificently effective force of killing. Is Jules the cooler character? Correctamundo. He’s a regular old Fonzie. He will always be the most baddest mutherfucker of all the motherfuckers. But this isn’t a vote for prom king, it’s a vote on what will happen to fictional characters in a hypothetical fight. Maybe Jules learned some Kung Fu while he walks the earth, but I can’t vote against Django.”


Michael Lagocki: “This one lasts point four seconds. Django gets “taken care of” before he even realizes there’s about to be a problem. Jules brings his headless body to Jimmy’s garage and drinks Coffee while waiting for the Wolf. Lots a cream, lots a sugar.”





Dan Merwin: “What weapons are allowed? Never mind. Django!”


Kyle Bufkin: “Jules sucked at his job. Django did not. Django had Dr. King Schultz, and Jules’s partner was Vincent “I let my boss’s wife OD on heroin” Vega. Django would whip Jules like a slave.”


Stanton Brasher: “Both characters are pretty bad ass. So, this would boil down to sidekicks. On one hand, you have Christoph Waltz kicking some serious ass. On the other hand, you got Travolta getting shot on the shitter. My vote goes to Django and his ex-slave bad assery.”

As per usual with Sunday Night Fights, our opinions differ, so we’ll leave it to you, our kick ass readers. Who wins in this week’s fight? Vote below and let your voice be heard!

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  • ThomasDuder

    It’s funny ‘cuz usually I’m the first to take a side and just be loud and aggressive and what-not.

    Just sayin’, hope no one minds me sittin’ out this one. ;3

    ~Thomas Duder, Author of the Things