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Silicon Valley spoofing the late Steve Jobs

SXSW Episodic Recap: ‘Silicon Valley’ S01E01-3

Mike Judge does it again with HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ When Mike Judge is attached to something comedic – be it animated or live action – you sign on the goddamn dotted line. Don’t even ask wha...

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‘Break Point’ is Surprisngly Hilarious [REVIEW]

Break Point Review Break Point was the most pleasant surprise at both DIFF and SXSW. The only description we had prior to viewing the movie was that it was about two brothers, reuniting to play tennis. While this is not inaccur...

The Mend movie still

‘The Mend': a classic case of style over substance [MOVIE REVIEW]

DIFF Movie Review: ‘The Mend’ “The Mend” is an odd, almost indescribable movie. One part drama, one part family story, and one part indie comedy, “The Mend” doesn’t quite hit any of tho...

The Mule's poster

‘The Mule”s disgusting, rancid, and awesome [MOVIE REVIEW]

SXSW Movie Review: ‘The Mule’ My personal biggest surprise of SXSW 2014, far and away, was how much I enjoyed Angus Sampson and Tony Mahony’s “The Mule” the not-quite-a-thriller but not-really-a-t...

Space Station 76 poster

‘Space Station 76′: black comedy that’s darker than a Colombian blend [MOVIE REVIEW]

SXSW Movie Review: ‘Space Station 76′ The future of the past is definitely one strange place. In “Space Station 76,” we are transported to director Jack Plotnick’s surprisingly on-point vision of a...


Mark Duplass Hates Mumblecore

We got to catch up with Mark Duplass at SXSW 2014. He was there to promote his new film, Creep. When asked about the term, “mumblecore” Duplass stated exactly why he hates the label. We also spoke to the first time ...


SXSW Music Recap – 2014

 SXSW Bands and Musicians (2014) Wild Ones – Portland Pop Wild Ones performed at Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room in downtown Austin, Texas for this year’s SXSW, testing out their new-wave pop sound. The Portland qu...

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SXSW Interviews: Break Point

We Caught Up with the Break Point Cast and Crew on the Red Carpet On a very cold, rainy. and windy evening in Austin, we got the chance to meet up with the case and crew of Break Point on the red carpet at SXSW. Even with the t...

Our couple in "Only Lovers Left Alive"

‘Only Lovers Left Alive’ adds a (thankfully) casual tone to the vampire romance [MOVIE REVIEW]

SXSW Movie Review: ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’ Vampire narratives, like zombie plots and the fantasy genre in general, have been largely beaten to death by Hollywood at large. From “Twilight” to “True...


A Wolf at your Door has Bite [MOVIE REVIEW]

Wolf at your Door Review Brazilian film, A Wolf at your Door, is a dark and dramatic take on adultery, kidnapping and dirty vengeance. It’s only resolution comes in the form of evil and tragedy — no happy endings h...

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‘Cesar Chavez’ Leaves the Audience Chanting Si Se Puede [MOVIE REVIEW]

Cesar Chavez Movie Review SXSW14 Cesar Chavez received a standing ovation after its North American premiere at SXSW14, as well as an Audience Award. Biographies can be a tricky subject matter to approach for a film, as most rea...

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Ping Pong Summer Relives the 80’s [MOVIE REVIEW]

Ping Pong Summer Review Ping Pong Summer, which I had the privilege of screening at SXSW, taps into one of the best ways to connect to your viewers: nostalgia. The movie takes place in the summer of 1985, where a family takes a...

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‘The Guest’ does not Outstay its Welcome [MOVIE REVIEW]

The Guest Movie Review SXSW14 Adam Wingard made a low budget horror flick last year that, for me, totally missed the mark. Still, the film, You’re Next managed to get a wide theatrical release and impress a lot of people....

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Horror Meets Musical and It Rocks – Stage Fright [MOVIE REVIEW]

Stage Fright Review First off, Stage Fright has Meat Loaf in it. Keep reading if you need to, but that should really be enough. This movie is a surprisingly good mix of horror, song, and theater antics. If you have ever done th...


Kurt Vile graces SXSW, heads to Europe

Philadelphia singer/songwriter, Kurt Vile, graced SXSW14 with a late announced appearance, performing three solo gigs at the mega music festival. His last few gigs in the U.S., Vile is now off for a solo tour in Europe. He perf...