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TBT: Tremors – 24 Years Later and Graboids Still Rule

TBT: Tremors – 24 Years Later and Graboids Still Rule

Throwback Thursday: Tremors Movie Review


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If I could count the times, on one hand, that I watched Tremors as a kid, I would need the world’s largest hand with a shitload of fingers. In terms of masturbation, my penis wouldn’t stand a chance. While producing two direct-to-video sequels, one prequel and a short lived TV series, none of it lived up to the greatness of the first Tremors. Don’t get me wrong, I watched all of it faithfully and enjoyed it, but only in the same way I would enjoy hanging out with my best friend’s younger brother while he is away at summer camp.

Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Michael Gross, and Reba McEntire star in Tremors as a group of townies in the small town of Perfection, Nevada. Trapped by mountains and road construction, things get a little claustrophobic when man-eating worms with triple snake tongues start devouring these simple country folk.


Image courtesy of Universal Pictures

Can literally make out with all the bitches. 

Bacon and Ward play the heroes — Val and Earl. They are two local handy men that work odd jobs to make ends meet.

One day, they decide it is time to flee the valley in search of greener pastures. Had they decided to do this the day before, they would have never encountered the man-eating worms. Luckily for us, they were forced to stick around and give us a couple of entertaining performances.

When they get back to the town with one of the worm-snake-tongues attached to their axle, the town dubs the monsters, “Graboids.” They quickly find out that the worms cannot see and base their hunting entirely on sounds and vibrations from the ground. A local student of geology who has been studying tremors in the desert, theorizes that there are three of them.

At first, everyone tries to escape, but when they realize this is impossible, they turn to the local tin-foil capped rednecks with the largest weapons artillery this side of Nazi Germany. Michael Gross plays Burt and Reba plays his wife, Heather. Between them, they have rifles, shotguns, semi-autos, homemade bombs, and a freakin’ elephant gun. Hell, I would want them on my team too.


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Love at first shot.

Bacon is an actor that appears so frequently in cinema, it is hard to notice how much he has aged, but a with a quick glance at Tremors, it becomes obvious. He looks like a damn kid. Here is my favorite line from the movie. Val and Earl have just tricked a graboid into running into the side of a cement wall.

With Bacon being young and the rest of the cast being B-movie and sitcom actors, don’t expect the highest caliber of performance from anyone. However, if you are watching Tremors to be moved to Stanislavskian proportion, you may want to rethink your film evaluation strategy.

Tremors is full of silly dialogue and quirky humor mixed with some cool pre-CG monster effects. The premise is unique and, mostly, untouched by the copycats, which makes each trip to Perfection feel fresh and fun. Despite the humor and the small budget, director Ron Underwood really found a way to build suspense with these characters. Rewatchability is strong with this one.

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