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Throwback Thursday: Toto’s ‘Africa’ Makes Everything Better

Throwback Thursday: Toto’s ‘Africa’ Makes Everything Better

Who Blessed the Rains Down in Africa? Toto Did!

Every time I bring up this song (that I have developed an unhealthy obsession with) nobody seems to know what it is. Then I force feed them the audio, and everyone is dancing! You know why? Because that’s the power of Toto. So if you are having a bad day, you’ve Hulked out on accident or you just want to smile, I recommend giving Africa a listen. Below I provide you with five convincing reasons to listen to this song, and the music video. Could I make it any easier? Probably.

5) The band takes the song seriously for you.

I know I am jumping ahead a bit but when you watch the video provided below, I want you to really enjoy the intensity on these gentlemen’s faces. Feel free to watch and match that level of seriousness with them. Or, you can let them do all of the intense, deep feelings and dance around in a circle. Essentially this is what we like to call a win-win situation in the business. Never mind you what business.

4) The lyrics make sense, but not too much sense.

I gather that he is in love with someone, he talks to an old man and he definitely blesses the rain down in Africa. How does the old man know what is going on in this young gentleman’s life? Not sure, but I would venture to say Facebook had something to do with it. What blessing did he give the rains in Africa? “It’s all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits.” Props must be given for working in Kilimanjaro and Serengeti flawlessly.

3) The drums and keyboard.

Screw air guitar, we need some air drums and keyboard. The drums don’t play a huge role, but you won’t be able to hold back from playing. Try not to burst a vein with the intensity you will be putting into playing those bad boys.

2) This song was so important that it earned a cover sung solely by chickens.

I have no more words for this reason. I simply present you with the video.

1) The song hugs your soul.

Now I know this sounds a bit invasive, but I promise it will be fine. Tease your hair, throw on some shoulder pads and sit back and hit play. At first the rush of emotion can be rather intense, but soon you will find rhythm, comfort and the soothing sounds of Toto flowing through you. Before you know it, you are covered in warm fuzzies.

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