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‘Under the Dome’ S01E03 — Recap

‘Under the Dome’ S01E03 — Recap

The World’s Easiest ‘Manhunt’ — Under the Dome

***Spoilers Ahead-You’ve Been Warned–Don’t Cry***

After the fiasco with Paul Randolph’s overly dramatic pistol salute that ended in a ricocheted bullet killing Deputy Freddie, the town is pissed. Big Jim takes control of the situation, as the only remaining city councilman, and has Deputy Martinez escort him into holding. This plan works well…for about ten seconds. Then he elbows Ms. Martinez in the throat and escapes. Paul’s prison break leads to a manhunt, but with a lack of police officers, Big Jim has to bring in local vigilante and lynch mob style teams to pursue him. Well, who does he ask (a side from a couple of drunk hicks)? That’s right: Barbie.

Big Jim isn’t all that naive though. He has already been informed by his Andy Samberg lookin’ son, that Barbie is the one behind his facial bruising and weird mood swings and domes trapping the city. Basically, he warns his father that Barbie is the devil. I am sure many feminists would agree.

One the other side of the dome, the seizure twins are living-it-up without parental units. Phil invites Norrie to come by and use his “genny” to charge her phone. Before he knows it, he is living in a “House Party” movie where the parents are gone and the kids rule.

Sparks fly between her and Phil…when the generator blows the electrical jacks in the house. After everyone leaves, Norrie and Phil stay behind, but before they can play a little “body baseball,” Norrie’s mother barges in and totally cock blocks the whole situation. As much as Norrie tried to hide it, the truth comes out. Her moms are a gay couple. Oh no…so shocking… Will Phil be able to handle that? Before we can find out how socially progressive he is (or isn’t), the two touch hands and fall onto the floor in full blown seizure mode.

“The stars are falling in line.”

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that they chose to show a normal, gay couple family. But do they have to make it a big focal point of the plot. It’s 2013, this shouldn’t be surprising anymore. Show them with a sense of normalcy. That is interesting. Ok, climbing off the soapbox and getting back to work.

During the big party, Jr. is nowhere to be found. Other than kidnapping young ladies, his hobbies include getting lost in tunnels under an old factory in town and punching an electro-charged force field dome. Turns out, even the old abandoned tunnels are trapped under the dome.

Dome S01E03

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You feeling ‘Stockholmy’ yet?


1. Why was smoke not accumulating from the bonfire, but it was from the house? I know one fire is much larger, but that doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be a noticeable effect with every fire bigger than a bbq.

2. Why doesn’t one of these crazies just ask Barbie about the fight with Jr.?

3. Someone made mention that shovels have been tried, but she is cut off. Will they revisit this? It still seems to be the smartest thing to do (assuming the one doing the digging is not attached to a pacemaker).

4. Did anyone else laugh at “The Simpsons” reference?

Have you been keeping up with it? Let us know in the comments and tell us your theories about the dome and dome life.

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