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Under the Dome S01E08 ‘Thicker than Water’ — Recap

Under the Dome S01E08 ‘Thicker than Water’ — Recap

“The Monarch will be crowned” — Under the Dome


Last week on Under the Dome, Joe and Norrie discovered a dome within the dome around the coolest Easter egg to hit the market since Cadbury. This magical egg is capable of making people see holograms that are, unfortunately, not Tupac.


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This is what Tupac does if you try to talk to him from the outside of the dome. 

One of Norrie’s moms has died from diabetes. While she stews and places the blame on herself and others, the town is falling apart. Ollie is no longer willing to share his water (and future crops), which leads Big Jim to invoke imminent domain over Ollie’s property. Ollie, being the gun-toting, paranoid, backwoods farmer that he is, calls Jim’s bluff with a group of armed neighboring farmers.

The territory fight causes one of the unknown deputies to get leg blasted by a shotgun and provokes Junior to switch sides. Ollie takes full advantage of this situation by telling Junior that his mom’s death was not an accident, but a suicide. Junior, who can’t see that his father was trying to protect him, tells Ollie to keep Big Jim alive….long enough for Junior to kill him himself.

Barbie begs Jim to find a safer way to regain control of the water. For instance, blowing up the well will revert the water back to the town’s other aquifers. Jim has none of this and leads an angry mob to Ollie’s land. After an exchange in gunfire, five townies are left dead. Of course, Barbie acts as a maverick and blows up the well during the ensuing chaos.

Joe and Julia go back to rediscover the tiny dome. Once Julia puts her hands on it, she sees another Joe who tells her the monarch will be crowned.

Questions of the Dome:

1. Did anyone else find it interesting to see Dean Norris threatened by central characters twice in two days? First Walter White tells him, on Breaking Bad, that he better tread lightly. Now, Barbie tells him, “there are two sides to that coin,” when Jim informs him that he makes a troubling enemy.

2. Does “the monarch will be crowned” mean that Big Jim has, in fact, taken over as the “ruler” of Chester’s Mill? Or does it have to do with the butterfly tattoo on Angie’s shoulder? The former seems to be the obvious choice, but the writers wanted to aim our attention at the latter.


Image courtesy of Donna Tuttogratis

You’re doing it wrong! It should be a tramp stamp.

3. Jim calls Ollie’s farmer mercenaries fair weather friends because they bounced as soon as the well was destroyed, however, can’t the same can be said about Jim’s militia? They did the exact same thing.

4. If Jim disowns Junior because of his psychotic actions (and the town is limited on law enforcement anyway), why is he so worried about Angie spilling the beans? After all, he was the one who freed her.

5. Dean Norris can’t catch a break. We all hate him on Breaking Bad because he is the good guy trying to stop the bad guy we all love. On Under the Dome, he plays a surreptitiously fake good guy who does some genuinely noble stuff from time-to-time (but mostly for his own benefit), and we still hate him. That was more of an observation than a question.

What did you think of last night’s Under the Dome? Let us know in the comments.

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