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Under the dome S01E09 recap — ‘The Fourth Hand’

Under the dome S01E09 recap — ‘The Fourth Hand’

Turns out, Junior was right

This episode of Under the Dome begins with bang. Literally. One of the town’s residence had to shoot at a crazy man who entered his house screaming about the rapture. Unfortunately, he missed the captain insano and hits one of his neighbors.

Barbie and Linda are tasked with removing the man, but it leads to a larger conversation about drugs under the dome. The deceased reverend has been supplying the townies with meth. A religious Walter White, if you will. Only, he doesn’t have the Heisenberg Blue, but it looks like it will do.


Image courtesy of AMC

I swear, officer. It’s only rock candy!

Angie has taken over control of the diner. She blackmails Big Jim for the deed. He seems reluctant, but Angie is the one with the power here. Or, at least, the illusion of power.

Junior pays a visit to Angie, but before she can throw his ass out, she has a seizure. Surprise, surprise, she says the same thing as Joe and Norrie: “Pink stars are falling in line.”

She returns home and tells Joe about her seizure after Joe and Norrie realized the mini-dome is missing. This intensifies their search as they look for the Yaggie that Dorie had used to track disturbances in the dome. Unfortunately, the Yaggie stopped working when Joe and Norrie touched it. Instead, they use their dog and spend a day searching for it.

Meanwhile, Big Jim runs into a demon from his past. Perhaps, one of the sexiest demons ever, Max. She is another blonde that is blackmailing Jim to take the guns away from the residents. If he doesn’t bend to her will, she will let the town know why he has been stockpiling propane.

Big Jim decides to take up the guns from the citizens living in the dome. He argues that the dome is no longer a part of the US and constitutional rights no longer apply. His bid is mostly successful.

Junior finally convinces Angie that she was sick, especially considering her recent seizure. He finally reveals what he knows about the dome. His mother had a seizure once and when she came out of it, she painted a picture of a girl standing under lines of pink, falling stars. Maybe Junior is not crazy after all.


Image courtesy of CBS

Not the straightest lines I have ever seen….

At Big Jim’s storage facility, Linda starts piecing together Big Jim’s involvement in the Chester’s Mill drug ring. Turns out, Duke was involved too.

Max also knows Barbie and has him by the Barbie-balls too. He must agree to do her orders, or she will tell Julia that Barbs killed her husband.

Norrie and Joe finally find the mini dome (Joe sleepwalked it right out of the forest unbeknownst to him), and the episode ends with Angie, Joe and Norrie touching it together….but they realize, there is one more person that can help them unlock the dome.

Questions for the dome:

1. Who is this fourth person?

2. Why did the yaggie not pick up signals for Angie?

3. Will the fourth person be able to unlock the dome?

4. Was Angie’s butterfly tattoo just a red herring to prove the audience doesn’t know shit about butterflies?

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