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The Walking Dead S04E02 Recap — ‘Infected’

The Walking Dead S04E02 Recap — ‘Infected’

Midnight Sleep Walkers

Some of the Walking Dead refugees get a rude awakening when one of their own dies from some kind of virus and rises to eat people in their sleep.


Image courtesy of AMC

Wakey, wakey. People and bakey!


The newly walking walker–Patrick–must have spent some of the early morning hours lying dormant because he waits until Rick, Carl and some others make it out to walk the ground and tend to the farm duties.It doesn’t take long for him to spread the death virus around the camp.

Once Rick and company manage to get the infestation under control, serious damage has been done. Ryan, the loving father of the two young blonde girls, has been bitten in too many places to amputate. One being the head; which makes for a difficult procedure because, you know, it would require the removal of his head. Carol’s only option is to bring his girls in to say goodbye before she prison shanks his skull. Yes, it was technically a prison shanking because it took place in prison.

Rick, Daryl and Herschel visit Patrick’s rotting corpse and notice that he shares some similarities with some of the sick and dying pigs that he has seen in and around the camp.

Michonne, surviving a particularly damaging attack is in her cell, dressing her wounds when Beth comes in and thrust Little Ass Kicker in Michonne’s face. Mich, at first, retracts and acts as if she does not want to hold Judith, but the baby wins and Michonne breaks down crying. Perhaps this will be her big reveal for the season.

Speaking of big reveals, Carl tells Rick that Carol has been training the younger refugees on how to use weapons.

The zombies at the gate seem more hell bent than ever to break into the protective complex. They’re growling louder, snarling more angrily and crawling over each other as if this were a shitty Brad Pitt movie. However, instead of the CGI Summer schlock, these zombies are real…or at least played by real actors and their enthusiasm almost knocks down the fence.


Image courtesy of AMC

Heeeerrrreeee’s a lot of Johnnies!

Farmer Rick notices that someone has been feeeding the zombies rats and has an epiphany on how to solve the problem; by sacrificing all the potentially diseased little piggies that he has been raising on the farm. These pigs brought him peace and even though he tells Carl not to name them, he seems to have grown his own attachment.

Back at the prison, people showing flu symptoms get quarantined but this is not enough for a secret killer who burns the Karen alive.

Walking Wonders:

1. What could Michonne’s secret be? Is it that she lost a child or something a little more complicated?

2. Who is the killer among the refugees?

3.  With the animals and people facing a shareable disease, how are they going to eat? Methinks this situation might turn me into a vegetarian.

4. Anyone getting a Lost feel this season? There seem to be a lot of expendable, nameless characters just ripe for the murdering.

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