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Sunday Night Fights: Walter White vs Dexter Morgan

Sunday Night Fights: Walter White vs Dexter Morgan

SFN presents Sunday Night Fights

Welcome to the inaugural Sunday Night Fight were we pit two fictional characters together and see who would win in a fight by relying on the esteemed opinions of our writers and the authoritative results of an internet poll. This is a very scientific way of  determining what would happen if two imaginary people from imaginary worlds were to clash with obscure parameters and vague motives. Obviously, the results should be considered as definitive.

So for our first match we present the clash of two perennial Badasses who just saw their stories come to a conclusion – Walter White and Dexter Morgan

What our writers say

Seth Griffin: Dexter, a serial killer would be infinitely better in a fight against a high school science teacher.

Dustin Timberlake Sautter: Dexter. He is just as smart as Walter, but more physical.

Stanton Brasher:  Dexter would win, methinks. As much as I love Walt, Dexter is a killer who’s only inclination is to kill bad people.Walt, as evidenced by the title of the show, is most definitely a bad person. Poisoning a child is enough to fit Dexter’s M.O. Walt would never see it coming.

Dexter plans the death of one person, often for weeks, and sets it up meticulously.

We have seen Walt do the same a time or two, but Dexter did it in every episode. He was a master of disguise; always getting close to people that thought he was someone else.

He is also as well versed in science as Walt. Albiet, he studies anatomy and physics while Walt was a chemistry expert.

It would be an interesting fight for sure, but Dexter has the advantage on this one.

Lauren Paz: It would depend on context, I think. Anyone who has ever threatened Walt has met their end. So, if he really wanted to, I’m pretty sure Walt could do it.

Bonafide Jones: Walt. Because of the fucking M60 in the trunk. That’s why

Alex Ancira: I feel like Walt could come up with something I don’t expect and surprise both Dexter and the audience. That would be thrilling either way though.






See I told you, very definitive. But now it’s your turn. Vote in the poll and tell us why you think your pick would win in the comments below. Your pick is counting on you.


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About The Author

Bonafide Jones is a freak in the streets and a lady in the sheets. He's also EIC of Anime, Comics and Video Games here at SFN. Follow him on Facebook and junk.

Awesome Comments

  • Aweome topic. I gots to go Dexter. Much of his success was directly attributed to his skills and actions. Walt has a serious physical disadvantage, much less experience, and many of Walt’s victories have come along with a lot of luck and a lot of help from others.

  • HoraceRay

    This ALL depends on how much preparation time both of them have. It becomes a kind of chess game. If it’s a spur of the moment thing, Dexter wins. He’s physically more capable. But that’s also not his style. If Walt is aware that Dexter wants to kill him, he will most certainly be prepared for it. With killing Dexter, there isn’t a fallout to worry about like there was when trying to kill Gus or anybody else. There was always a chain reaction. Dexter isn’t linked to anybody. Given prep time, I think Walt has this one.